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4 Year Old Behavior Issues

Behaviour Problems in our 4 year old

The question is what are those 4 year old behavior issues and activities? Why little kids of 4 year old do behave strange; not strange but unique? This age is very important at the age of childhood. This is when the kid starts to feel independent and depend on himself most of the time. I do not mean total independence like preparing food, but he starts to do little things himself, to learn how to wash himself, to go to bed himself, and many other things. Unless you do not let him do it himself and you consider him incapable of such things though he is getting a bit older.

4 year old behavior issues

4 year old behavior issues

When kids get 4 years old, they become full of energy, active, talkative, very curious, kind of self-confident. They start to show you as their parents that they became able to do many tasks. They will be very excited to show you what they are capable to do. They start to feel like they are responsible or somehow they are the bosses. That is why you might feel that you will have every new day a new challenge. So, what the most important 4 year old behavior issues that every mum should know?

4 year old behavior issues: things they will interrupt you… do not let them do that!

Because of the new feeling and emotion they develop at that age, they will feel like to get your attention at every moment; or at least whenever they do something new. That’s why they will start interrupting you when you are talking to someone or you are doing something important. If you let them interrupt you every time, they will feel like they are controlling the situation, so they will bother you all time.

You need to prevent them from interrupting you. When you are having a very important thing to do or talking to someone and they come to tell you something, look at them and point them somewhere where they can sit silent till you finish your thing. Before someone comes or you start doing something, make sure that they understand that if they interrupt you they won’t get what they are asking for. This is a good way to prevent such an undesirable behavior.

4 year old behavior issues: they won’t hear you… they will pretend not hearing you, prevent it!

At that point they won’t seem that they listen to you. Most of the kids who start feeling they are important at the age of 4 year, they feel like they can do whatever they want. This usually happens due to the over-care of parents or expressing love. Your child will not answer all what you tell him or her. For example if you tell them come to eat, pick up your toys, come to bed, or get in the car. Those things they do not want to do are causing you trouble. This is how your kid may develop the feeling of arrogant and stubborn. That is why you need to stop it the sooner the better.

You need to be a little bit rough at your kids at this point. For example you need to go to them directly, make sure your eyes on theirs, and hold their shoulders, and tell them directly mentioning their name and showing how serious you are to do what you asked. Do not stand away and call them for that. This is how they can notice how much serious you are to do what they are asked for.

4 year old behavior issues: they play roughly and sometimes even too rough… stop it!

At this age, your kids might have playmates, or even their younger siblings to play with. They usually play roughly like hurting each other or causing injuries. You will notice that once your child is 4 years old. Those behaviors might lead later to aggressive ones. They might take is as a habit by the age of eight or nine. Do not let them keep doing this. Because they might think that hurting people is something normal and acceptable.

Do the same things as you do when you prevent them from not listening to you. Hold your kids and tell them not do that. Tell them how it would feel if the other one did that for them. Make sure that they know that hurting people is not acceptable at all.

4 year old behavior issues: telling lies and being dishonest… make sure it ends!

Your kids who just started to talk and have conversations with their friends or siblings. They might start lying to you even. For example they tell you that they did brush their teeth while they did not, or they tell their friends and classmate that they visited somewhere but they never been on plane. This might lead to an automatic lying, and becomes a very bad behavior issue of your kid.

You need to stop that immediately. Get a set to your kids and tell talk to them about this. Tell them that telling lies is not acceptable. For example use a story that will make them realize how telling lies is terrifying. Tell them a story where someone in their age was lying too much so that people stopped believing him, and so one day he wanted help for real but nobody cared and believed him. Make sure that he knows that telling lies is not a good thing at all. And confirm him that people do not love liars and they might be alone forever.

4 year old behavior issues: tips and things you need to make sure your kids know them all!

At this age of 4 year, your kids start to open to the world. They start to know new things. So, you need to tell them all things they need to know to get involved into the outside world. At this age your child won’t be always by your side, he will move; maybe to school.

You need to let your kids know about the world. Learning about the world is very important. Make sure that you organize sessions to teach things your kids need to know about what life truly is about. take them outside and show them things and places, such as the zoo, city center, people, streets and so on.

Many kids find it hard to get friends later, which lead them to difficulty in life. A child without friends might face later important problems such as bullying. Therefore, you have to teach your kids that friends are really important. Make sure that you take them outside and let them play with new kids to make friendship.

They need to know as well about their safety. Make sure that the concept of safety first becomes very important in their life. Tell them that their health matters so much and they need to look after themselves. Besides, they have to stay safe and away of danger or hurting things.

Sexual questions are normal things to ask. If they ask something about what is this (pointing to their genital organs) or they was someone kissing or in bed and they ask, just be comfortable to tell them what life is. If they ask how were we brought to life or something like that, make sure that you explain to them what is. Yet, do not tell them details, but general short and appropriate answers. This is how you answer their curiosity and prevent them from any kind of undesirable deeds.

If they do something wrong, punish them. But make sure that the punishment is correct or fits the crime they did (not crime but forbidden things). If they did something that you already told them not do, then make sure that you punish them. But of course appropriate and exact punishment. Do not exaggerate!

Finally, those are the most important 4 year old behavior issues you need to know about your kids. This is how you can raise the kids at the age of developing from a depending child to a bigger or old one that gets involved into the world and society.

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