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ADD Symptoms in Adults

ADHD/ADD  Symptoms in Adults

First, let us know what is ADD or ADHD, and then let us talk about the ADD symptoms in adults. ADD refers to Attention Deficit Disorder, and ADHD refers to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. Both of them are so likely to affect the children. It is very common to find children with those disorders. The most common one is ADHD in children, while the other types such as Predominantly Inattentive ADHD-PI/ ADD, or Predominantly Hyperactive ADHD-PH/ HD are not so much common.

ADD Symptoms in Adults

ADD Symptoms in Adults

From its name Attention Deficit Disorder, you may have a general idea about what it means. It refers to the deficit of attention and it might be in an exaggerating amount or attention. This disorder is really serious and even if it is commonly found in the children, it might affect so badly the adults. There are many cases where the symptoms remain in the person until the adulthood.

Therefore, it is so good that you understand the ADD symptoms in adults in order to avoid many later troubles. The troubles that are caused by the disorder might be related to any aspect of the patient’s life. the aspects such as work, family, home, friends, and anything similar.

That is why understanding the ADD symptoms in adults will make you understand more the disorder and treat it. Here is a list of the most

Common ADD symptoms in adults either Women or Men include:

  1. Having a messed-up life:

The adults who develop the ADD might not be able to organize their lives. They have many responsibilities as a father or a mother, as a husband or a wife, and as a friend or a family relative. They cannot organize those responsibilities whether at work, at home, or in the society in general.

  1. Having troubles in the marital life:

Anyone can have troubles in his/her marital life. That is why people should not judge the people with such tro

Add symptoms in adults troubles


ubles as ADD patients. Yet, there is a strong relationship between marital problems and the ADD. The people who are not yet diagnosed of having the disorder are most likely to have those troubles.

They cannot listen, pay attention, or honor the commitments, so the other partner takes those behaviors as carelessness. That is the reason why there are problems happening with those people. The people who develop the ADD are not supposed to understand the reason why the other partner is mad, angry, or upset. They shall feel that they are guilty and they are the blamed ones for somethings they never did.

  1. Road and driving troubles:

Only from the name: Attention Deficit Disorder, you shall understand that it refers to the less attention. The people who develop the ADD are so common to find it hard to pay attention to even so small and simple tasks in life. That is a sign of the ADD symptoms in adults. That is why I related this disorder to the problems during driving or on road. Whether the ADD patient is driving or just sitting next to the other, they might cause accidents. Therefore, this symptom is one of the most serious ones and people should be aware of it. For that this disorder makes the person loses his attention in the road, so that he is likely to have traffic or road accidents.

  1. Having troubles in listening and paying attention:

This symptom is probably the most obvious one of the ADD symptoms in adults. The patient might not pay attention to his boss while he is talking to him, he might lose attentions and listen nothing during a meeting, he might forget to pick up the kids from school even if his wife reminds him many times, or he might forget to bring home somethings he was asked for. There are so many similar cases that prove how the person is developing the ADD. This lack of attention is not because of something, but because of the attention deficit and the disorder itself. This problem causes many misunderstanding and many problems.

  1. The lack of adaptation with the world:

How can this be possible? How can be a sign of less or lack adaptation with the world a symptoms of ADD in adults?

We all know that the world we are living nowadays is a world of speed. Because of the lack of focusing or paying attention in the ADD patients, they might not be able to go with the flow of life. This issue leads the patient to face many problems in his professional life. Most of ADD patients who develop this problem are the ones who work in a very busy and noisy environments or offices. The speed of the work causes them to worsen their situation, so that they lose more attention.

  1. Arriving late or being late in every situation:

There are so many causes of this issue (lateness). For example, the patient who develops the ADD might not pay attention to the car that it needs to be washed, needs gas, or needs anything like that. This causes them to be late in many events. They also do not care so much about the time they need. They think that they can finish many tasks in lesser time. This is another reason to cause them being so late for events. That is another symptom of ADD symptoms in adults.

  1. They cannot have a rest or they have troubles trying to rest:

We know that the children are more common to have the ADHD, which includes the Hyperactivity. But, this issue is not so common in adults. They have the opposite condition. It is not exactly the opposite, but not the same. The adults might feel that they are restless and they cannot take a rest. That is why people judge them as tense people.

How to Recognize Adult ADHD Symptoms:

Some of the symptoms associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can become more pronounced with age, while others grow more subtle. These guidelines will help you determine if you or a loved one have a problem.


  1. Uncontrolled emotions :   Add symptoms in adults 2

As we all know now, the ADD people are having less attention, and this causes them to have several emotional problems. For example, a

girlfriend who does not know that her boyfriend is having the ADD might leave him thinking that he does not care about her. This leads later to have emotional problems. Mostly, they cannot control the feeling of anger. The anger is caused by the attention-less attitude of the patient.

There are several symptoms that can characterize the ADD. The ADD symptoms in adults are mentioned obviously in the article. Therefore, if you notice any relationship between those symptoms and the behavior of your beloved person, just try to get him/her to a doctor, in order to diagnose the situation before it worsens.

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