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True Anorexia Stories

True Stories About Anorexia:

People have been wondering about the anorexia nervosa and the method of how to be anorexic. One of the main questions we have found is that people need to know how it works with anorexia nervosa. They want to know the stories of people who suffered from this disease and people who fought the obesity with following the anorexia nervosa tips. There are some anorexia stories that I brought to you here. Probably you are interested in knowing the stories of people who suffered from the disease first.

True Anorexia Stories

True Anorexia Stories

I shall move to the stories of other people who used this character to fight the obesity.

Those anorexia stories I have brought today are after I have been talking for some of my patients who visited me few times (Doc). So, all of them happened to people from around of us. I shall keep some information of them hidden, because most of them said no sharing on network. That is why I shall keep some of the information hidden. Yet, the anorexia stories are amazingly interesting and in the same time sad. Do not take them only for reading, but live them, experience them, and of course keep them in heart. Those anorexia stories might think the whole of what you think about them.

Touching Anorexia Stories:

The heroes of those anorexia stories are; Jackeline, Amanda, and Sarah Green. Each of them had a very touching story. Therefore, you are highly recommended to read all of their fascinating anorexia stories about their feelings and emotions.

Jackeline’s story:

Jackeline is a girl of 24 years old now. She had suffered from this psychological disorder of anorexia nervosa.  She says: “as a girl of the current time, I do not know when I started this. All I know is that I found myself hating incredibly to eat any kind of foods. I used to drink water from time to time when I see that I cannot stand it.”

After I told Jackeline that I might publish her story in my web site, she said: “it is okay, but just do not include any information specific about me”. That is why I want to keep her information more unknown. It is for her safety.

However, she continues: “ I had been with my family when I realized that I hate to eat and I should eat more. First time they did not pay so much attention to that. They just thought that I am a normal girl who does not eat so much. But when I grew up to find myself an adolescent, I was so obsessed with my shape. I used to look in the mirror more than I look to my books. I used to read magazines of model, stars, actors, singers, and so many celebrities. The good and attractive girl is the skinny and beautiful one.

I always thought that I am fat. I used to ask my mum so many times if I weigh a lot or I am fat. She used always to say that I am just perfect.

My friends and my brother also, used to call my ‘fatty’. I was not that much fat, but I had the feeling that I am not perfectly beautiful enough.

“For my struggles with food, I used to throw it away every time I see it. my mum noticed that I am weighing less and lesser each day. She asked me about it once, but I didn’t say I have anorexia nervosa. She doubt that I guess, but she didn’t say anything that time. When I was forced to eat, I mean with family, friends, or any situation where I cannot escape, I used to eat as if I am eating shits with no taste. I felt like I eat something that disgusts me. Most of the time, I used to go to the bathroom or toilet in order to purge. I used to throw everything I eat up. That was not a choice for me. I was obliged with that. I lost too much weight eventually.

Then, my mum asked me about it and if I have any troubles in eating. I said no first. But after many things I just couldn’t help it, so I told my mum about what I have. I told her how I feel. So she took me to a healthcare provider who helped me a lot. I have talked to this doctor for so long. That was when I was in my last year in high school.

I still do remember that day when her mum visited me in the clinic. The mother was so understanding and so the girl. I still notice the change in Jackeline before and after she talked to me and I described to her some medications along with some tips to follow. That is an honor for me to include her story in the anorexia stories.

She says: “after I was graduated in high school I was fully cured from my emotions. It was not easy at all to get rid of all that. I thought my story ended at that time, but unfortunately not. When I moved to college, I met a girl. She was like a dear and close friend to me. Once she found out that I had anorexia nervosa in a document I forgot to hide. Then, she I admitted to me that she want to be like I were. I was shocked how she would want to become anorexic. From what I suffered, I did not allow myself to give her what she wanted. I could not help her to feel like me. That was extremely shocking. My heart could not handle it. I tried to convince her, but she did not listen. Finally, I took her with me to the same doctor I visited and he was the one who dealt with her. Now she is fine and she is just as me.”

Here is the end of Jackeline story of the anorexia stories I brought today. Now I shall move to the next one, which is the story of Jackeline’s friend. Since their stories are both close to each other, I found it interesting to talk about them. The story of Amanda (Jackeline’s friend) is not the same as Jackeline’s story. The first one wanted to have it, while the second wanted to get rid of anorexia. So, here is another one of anorexia stories:

Amanda’s story:

Amanda was a lovely girl. She was smart. She was hard working. Her only problem was that she was a little bit fat. She was not ugly, but she was so pretty. Yet, people do not understand the beauty of the hearts; they only notice the shape and looks. She was called fat-girly, as she said, for many times in her high school and her college. She said that she did not know about anything like anorexia nervosa until she found that document of her friend fallen in the floor. She read something about it. Her first aim was to help her friend if she knows anything about the disorder, but she found out that the disorder was an advantage for her. That was when she decided she wants to be anorexic to lose that weight, which causes her troubles.

She told her friend who prevented to tell her how to be anorexic. Her friend brought her to my clinic. There I talked to her and asked her why she would do that. Then I helped her to do it right before she goes somewhere or to ask someone who might give her wrong instructions, so that she kills herself. she could easily lose weight in a very quick time, but she was so understanding and smart girl. She could do the tips correctly. If you are wondering about those tips, you shall see our article on this website about how to be anorexia nervosa tips. This is another one of the anorexia stories. You might become the way you want to look. You only have to pick up some tips that were correctly used by others and showed good results.

The nest story of anorexia stories is also touching. You might be interesting in knowing more about people who suffered from this situation.

Sarah’s Story:

Sarah Green is a making her way now toward modeling and becoming one of the top celebrities. She is going to shine as all celebrities did. She is going to be just as Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johansson did.

Sarah Green was here name when she visited me. Now she is only Sarah. She did not abandon on her nickname, but she is just making her way to the stars. She visited me because she read on net that she is has to see a doctor or a healthcare provider before she starts becoming anorexia nervosa. This is one of the most important moves anyone her age could do. It is so wise that she could follow that advice, which I am insisting on it now: GO VISIT A DOCTOR before you start the anorexic tips.

After she visited me, she said that she needs to lose her weight through anorexia nervosa. That happened after I moved to Seattle for some time. When I described to her the instructions and how she could do it, she kept visiting me each time to make sure she is doing it right. I was amazed with the ambition and willing of this young lady. I even tried to tell her about other weight loss  tips, but she wanted anorexia, because she said it is challenging. She was not so much bullied as Amanda was, but she suffered from many situations.

Especially, when she found out that her dream of becoming a model is not going to happen if she keeps eating chocolate and candies. She could not abandon on her dream. And she could make it simply and quickly. I loved that girl’s spirit. That is how girls should really act to get their goals in life.

Those are just some simple anorexia stories that I wanted to share with you. Do not hesitate to share with us yours as well.

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