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Best Anorexia Diet Plan

anorexic diet


How To Lose Extra Weight in Easy Steps?

Anorexic Diet is derived from Anorexia Nervosa– an eating disorder in which people eat little calories. In this case, individuals who are anorexic achieve significant weight loss. Anorexia can be devasting to our health, but here we view anorexia as effective means of losing weight fast. Recently, Anorexic Diet has become popular weight loss program for non-anorexic people.

What is Anorexic Diet? 

As you already know, Anorexia Nervosa is a condition where people experience rapid weight loss by consuming too few calories. There has been a misconception that Anorexic individuals do not eat all. Such people fast on some days, but on most days they consume extremely low-calorie meals. Therefore, anorexic individuals survive on low calories thus losing weight fast.

How does it Work? 

There are many anorexic diets, but “five-bite” Meal Plan is popular among many people. This is a “five bite” meal plan, in which individuals take five bites of any food of their choice during breakfast, lunch or supper. For instance, if you choose a pineapple for breakfast, you will stop eating after taking only five bites of the same.

Therefore, those five bites will serve as your meal for a particular time. Five bites provide less than 500 calories that are extremely low as compared to the required 1200 calories per day. When the calories are less than the recommended daily amount, individuals will experience a significant weight loss.

What to eat on the Anorexia Diet plan?

Fives bites of food per meal is very little. In this case, Anorexic Diet promoters recommend the patients to takes bites from the healthiest foods they can access. Most healthy foods are proteins such as fish, meat, egg, nuts, avocados, and yogurt. Other healthy choices include fruits and vegetable dishes, which are rich in vitamins. However, some people may prefer carbohydrates-rich foods to provide more energy during the diet.

Usually, it is advisable to consult your physician before beginning the Anorexic Diet plan. Moreover, you should do a lot your best to avoid sugar-loaded or processed foods. Such foods can give you temporary energy, but the body will digest the quickly, and you will be hungry again within a very short time. Also, vitamin and fiber supplements are highly recommended during this program.

Does Anorexic Diet Work?

The significant weight loss experienced by anorexic patients is sure proof that Anorexic Diet is effective. Most of the people who have observed this diet plan claim that is the best way to losing weight fast. However, there are rare incidences of people who do not lose weight fast, but they achieve significant weight loss in the long run.

Some people claim the Anorexic Diet damages the health. This is not true because the calories taken in this program are enough to sustain the vital organs in the body. Most people under this program lead normal healthy lives. However, some few individuals complain of various illnesses and health conditions. It is advisable to seek advice from your doctor before commencing the program.

Tips for becoming Anorexic:

If you desire to become anorexic, you should learn specific eating and exercise habits. Since anorexia may lead to some health problems, it is important to talk to the doctor before commencing the program. this Diet can be dangerous for persons who suffer from diseases such as HIV, cancer, and diabetes. In this case, the doctor can give you some advice on how to follow the program and lose weight. Here are some tips for becoming anorexic.

#1. Prepare well 

This first step of becoming anorexic is to get prepared for a diet change. Many people rush into the Anorexic Diet without adequately preparing the mind to fight off hunger. You will choose the best plan for the Anorexic Diet which you can manage.

#2. Choose a Diet plan 

The simplest way to becoming anorexic is to stop eating too much. However, most people find it difficult to cope with little food especially during the initial stages of the program. Here are diet plans :

The air weight loss plan: this is the easiest and radical way of becoming anorexic. In this case, you will try as much as possible not to eat solid food. Instead, you will take a lot of fresh air. Place the food near your mouth, but do not eat it. However, taking water or soup is accepted. This should not be undertaken for several consecutive days as you will soon starve. In fact, some of the renowned celebrities have participated in this diet plan to achieve significant weight loss.

The five bite weight reduction plan: this is an extreme diet plan in which you are allowed only five bites of food per meal. Although there is no restriction of food to eat, it is important to eat healthiest foods as they produce best results. You may drink anything you want, but it should not have calories in it. In this case, water or diet soda are the best companions in this diet plan. Moreover, you should use vitamin supplements each day and protein bar or protein drink, as long they do not contain any fat.

Baby food weight loss plan: this is the simplest diet. Most celebrities have successfully used this diet plan. In this plan, the individuals will eat the baby food only. The food for this diet plan comes in jars that are pureed for babies. You can jar of baby food as a snack or single meal.

However, you should not eat more than one jar of the baby food in a single sitting. Moreover, you are allowed to drink as much water as you like, but not coffee or alcohol. This plan is the perfect way to becoming anorexic because baby food is highly nutritious. Conclusively, this is the cheapest way of losing weight.

#3. Include some exercises 

Exercises play a vital role in becoming anorexic and should not be ignored. Exercise burns calories and speeds up the weight loss process. In addition to aerobic exercise, you may involve in activities such as yoga, meditation, or reading novels. These will divert your attention of your urge of eating.

#4. Drinks lots of water 

Water plays a major role in detoxification of your body and keeps your skin soft while ensuring healthy kidney functioning. However, you may consider fruit juices if you have participated in the Anorexic Diet for a long time.

Peoples’ experiences on Anorexic Diet

Many people have achieved positive experiences on the anorexic diet. Most of the people who have participated in the program have achieved significant weight loss and healthy body shape. In fact, some of the celebrities are left out of this program as most of them have used Anorexic Diet to stay fit in the industry.

One lady who participated in the program is happy and recommends others this kind of  diet. Initially, she was overweight and lost most friends. But now she is glad to announce that she is physically fit with more friends than ever.

Moreover, there is another lady who praises the anorexic program for the helping her get out of shame. Before then, she was a subject of ridicule because of having a pot belly. However, she was able to lose significant weight through this program and now has self-confidence.

  • Conclusion 

Anorexic Diet has become a popular weight loss program around the world. There have been great testimonials about this program with some positive reviews coming from the celebrities. Unlike other weight loss programs, Anorexic Diet does not require expensive weight loss pills. You can start the program Anorexic Diet plan anytime, but it is advisable to consult the doctor first.

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