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    Behind Personality Disorders Axes

    Personality Disorders Axes

    Axes of Personality Disorders Axis V allows the diagnostician to record his judgment of “the individual’s overall level of functioning”. To counter these risk, the DSM recommends that mental health professionals use the Global assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale. Personality disorders are like tips of icebergs. They rest on a foundation of causes and effects, […]

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    Types of Anxiety: major types of anxiety disorders

    types of anxiety

      Types of Anxiety is simply excessive worry or exaggerated reaction to a triggering event. Although most people do not realize, there are various types of anxiety. If you feel that you are suffering from anxiety, you may like to have a brief learning about the different types of anxiety, including the lesser known ones. That […]

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    Panic Attacks and The Brain

    Panic Attacks and The Brain: What Happens In Your Mind If You Have A Panic Attack Most people are familiar with what a panic attack does and what it can do to your body. It is quite normal to feel faint, dizzy, experience shaking and trembling, begin to sweat, and feel your heart rate increase […]


    Control Gingivitis to Improve Heart Health


    Control Gingivitis to Improve Heart Health Gingivitis is a gum disease that caused them to inflame. Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to more severe oral diseases – like periodontitis – which in turn can lead to arteriosclerosis and higher risk for heart attack or stroke. Bacteria building up along your gum line can easily spread […]


    Shortness of Breath Home Remedies


    Do not forget these home remedies for Shortness of breath Trouble breathing can also be related to a variety of health issues such as lung disease, asthma, heart attack, panic attack, obesity. In case, our brain, muscles or other organs are not provided enough oxygen, we may experience a shortness of breath. Breath difficulties sometimes […]




    Sore throat is a common situation that everyone suffers from at least once in their life. In addition, you might be scared to use medication. There are many annoyed symptoms that you may feel hard to get enough sleep. Here are some amazing tips to get rid of sore throat quickly. Honey Honey is a […]


    Top 10 fruits can change your shape

    Top 10 fabulous fruits can change your shape We have well acknowledged the benefits and functions of fruits for years. However, each fruit probably provides some typical benefits for the body. Therefore, we need to choose a suitable diet to achieve what we want, for example, to lose weight and keep fit. Let’s see top […]