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    Myopia and Hypermetropia sightedness

    Myopia and Hypermetropia sightedness

    Myopia and Hypermetropia : Long and short sightedness Many people have perfect eyesight. That means they don’t need any artificial enhancements to see clearly. Others have conditions that require assistance with their eyesight. Myopia and hypermetropia are contrasting but common eye conditions that affect millions; almost 30 percent of the Americans have Myopia and hypermetropia, […]

    Healthy Living

    Why Should you Read Books?

    Reading Books

    Why To Read:  Reasons Why You Should Read Books A book is something that I appreciate very much, personally. Many people do that. You might think: what does a book or reading a book has to do with my health? Well, we ensure you that reading books is so healthy for you. You will not […]


    Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? | Read How?!

    can anxiety chest pain

    How Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? An anxious person is a person who fears and worries about his future. It is a very simple and normal feeling. Yet, when it is severe, you will experience serious symptoms. The symptoms are clear and noticeable, but people do not know them, do you? If you are aware […]


    How to Treat your Chronic Pain?

    Chronic Pain

    Treatments for Chronic Pain Pain is something that we get every day in our lives from different reasons. It can be physical, mental, or emotional. All of them are the same and extremely irritating to people. It varies from one to another according to the severity of the pain, which relies on the kind of […]


    What is Antisocial personality disorder?

    Antisocial personality disorder

    Antisocial personality disorder: Causes,Sign and Effects We believe that we have talked about plenty of psychological disorders, such as bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, and many others; even narcissistic personality disorder. So, today’s disorder is nothing less than the seriousness of the others. It is the antisocial personality disorder. People may refer to the […]


    White Coat Syndrome, what is it?

    White coat Syndrome

    Beyond ‘White Coat Syndrome’ The name of white coat syndrome might seem pretty much strange for many people. But, this name actually describes a serious health disorder that we should take it into consideration as much as we can. This disorder might go in the same category as another previously written one about the Hypochondriasis. […]


    Diabetes Type 2 and weight loss:

    Diabetes Type 2 weight loss

    Type 2 Diabetes: How to Lose Weight Haven’t we just associated overweight people with diabetes type 2? Isn’t this a whole mistake? Well, certainly there is a connection between obesity and diabetes type 2, but for how much? Diabetes type 2 is related to many issues and health troubles that we cannot ignore. Those health […]


    Can air pollution cause you obesity!!!

    Polluted Air

    Polluted Air May Cause You Obesity Have you ever been in Beijing, China? That air over there is just too dirty. You barely can breathe to survive or to live. People with small breathing condition such as asthma would suffer too much there. However, this is not our aim. We do not aim to talk […]


    About Prostate Cancer

    Prostate Cancer

    Prostate in Men & Women?! Prostate is a gland that is found in the male reproductive system. It is responsible for the production of the semen that carries sperms. This gland is located just beneath the bladder, surrounding the upper section of the urethra. Prostate cancer has become a major health concern for men around […]


    What Is Autism Disorder?

    Autism Disorder

    Autism  Disorder Symptoms, Types, Causes: Autism disorder also known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It stands for the disorder that prevents people (mostly kids) from integrating with the others. They prefer to be alone or tend to stay alone (or with some very specific people sometimes). The autism affects always the social association between the […]


    Anorexia Athletica or Hypergymnasia

    Anorexia athletica

    Manage the Situations that Cause Anorexia Athletica: Chronic diseases such as anorexia athletica or hypergymnasia are influenced by our lifestyle choices, and alcohol misuse, cigarette consumption, poor time management, stress, poor nutrition and over exercising can all affect our state of wellness. Correct nutrition for someone with this ailment is critical for optimal exercise performance, […]


    5 Sugar Drinks To Check Out!

    Cocao Drink

    Drinks you should avoid if you want to control your sugar level: There is no doubt that sugar is an essential nutrient for the body, since it is the first source of energy. The same thing is for calories and other important nutrients. Yet, there are some cases where an extra amount of those nutrients […]

    Healthy Living

    How to Sleep Better?

    sleeping better

    How to have a comfortable sleep? For a healthy living, we are trying to help anybody to have a better life and get a healthier one. So, today we wanted to talk about an issue that many people have suffered so long, which is the discomfort while sleeping. Sleep troubles are numerous. Yet, that is […]


    All you have to know about Psychotic Depression

    deep psychotic depression

    Psychotic Depression People who suffer the clinic depression might surpass it to have several other serious and severe symptoms. The symptoms we are talking about here are related to the symptoms of psychosis. This relation is what makes people call this kind of depression as psychotic depression. Other scientists call it as depressive psychosis. We […]