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ICD 10 code for bipolar disorder description

ICD 10 Code for Bipolar Disorder

Unknown to the normal consumers, each and every medical condition is described with the help of codes by doctors as well as medical practitioners in order to make it easier for them to interpret the condition of the patients. These codes are known as ICD codes. The current version of the ICD codes which are […]

MIND, Stress

Easy Tips To Control Stress


Recommendations And Tips About Controlling Tension In Your Life Tension is something that all of us deal with however hardly ever discuss. Stress is not just a mindset. Sooner or later, tension can have some quite major physical ramifications, also. Learning to manage stress is essential for everybody. Here are a few ways to deal […]


Narcolepsy without Cataplexy Disability.

Narcolepsy without Cataplexy

Narcolepsy Without Cataplexy Day to day human life cycle involves two phase of consciousness: wakefulness and sleep. After a long tiresome day doing your normal daily activities, you need to take a nap to allow your body to rest and refresh. Sometimes you may even find yourself dozing off at work, at school or when […]

BODY, Heart

Heart Attack First Aid: what to Do?


First Aid During a Heart Attack Heart attack is a life-threatening emergency, which requires prompt action. It happens when the blood supply to the heart is suddenly blocked by a blood clot. As a result, the heart muscle gets starved for oxygen and begins to die. People with angina are more susceptible to heart attacks […]

BODY, Heart

Heart Health: What is Pericarditis?


What is Pericarditis? Pericarditis is an inflammation of the lining that surrounds the heart. It is a relatively common cardiac disorder that affects 5% of all heart disease sufferers, being more common in men. The condition affects people of all ages, but mostly occurs in young adults. The heart is lined with cells inside and […]