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    Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

    Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

    Metabolic Syndrome Diet plan | Best Diet for Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic Syndrome is also referred to as dysmetabolic syndrome, metabolic disease or Syndrome X. It is a term used to mean a group of several conditions for a cluster of conditions, including obesity of the abdomen, high levels of triglyceride, high blood sugar levels, high […]

    Depression, MIND

    How to Defeat Depression for FREE?!


    How to come out of depression! Due to the advance times we are facing nowadays, people find it hard to achieve what they want, which is a reason for depression. The financial problems are increasing and they also play a major role in creating more depressed people. Yet, the more we get depressed, the more […]

    MIND, Phobias

    What is Trypophobia : Small Holes Phobia


    People suffer from a broad range of phobias in their life which incorporate ornithophobia, claustrophobia, hydrophobia and there some more. The greater part of the general population complains about trypophobia which is said to be an uncommon issue, an amazingly interesting disorder as contrasted with the previously mentioned phobias hampering the sound routine of the […]


    Best Anorexia Diet Plan

    anorexic diet

    How To Lose Extra Weight in Easy Steps? Anorexic Diet is derived from Anorexia Nervosa– an eating disorder in which people eat little calories. In this case, individuals who are anorexic achieve significant weight loss. Anorexia can be devasting to our health, but here we view anorexia as effective means of losing weight fast. Recently, […]


    COPD Symptoms and Causes

    COPD Symptoms and Causes

    COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Another serious disease that affects the lungs is the COPD or the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. From the name, you would guess that we cannot ignore it and it is very serious; Chronic. The disease affects the lungs and causes serious troubles in the respiratory and breathing operation, which may […]


    Do Women Feel more Pain than Men?

    women and men

    Do Women and Men feel Pain differently? | This might seem a little bit ridiculous for some people; asking about feeling pain and why women feel it more than men do. But, believe me, this is really true. Women do feel pain more than men do. The pain we are talking about here is not emotional […]


    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    NPD Causes, Symptoms, Treatment: Who doesn’t know that beautiful multi colored flower called narcissus? It is one of the most familiar flowers in all over the world. The disorder we are going to talk about today quite related to this flower. Why do we name this disorder as narcissistic according to the narcissus flower? That […]


    Do I Have Diabetes Type 2?

    diabetes-Type 2

    Type 2 Diabetes:  Symptoms & Signs This question has been one of the most common questions that I hear recently. People are terrified and scared that they have this health disorder. Diabetes type 2 is not something normal or something usual that we should not worry about, but it is one of the most common […]


    Strange Mental Psychological Disorders

    Strange Mental Psychological Disorders

    Strange Mental Disorders: The psychological and mental disorders are sometimes more serious than physical diseases and conditions. Talking about them was always something we took as a priority and as a duty. Bipolar disorder, Depressive disorders, Schizophrenia, ADHD, and many other ones. Those were basically related to our mental and psychological aspects. Yet, there are […]


    All About Chest Infections

    chest infection

    Chest infection. Bacterial and viral infection This is something that many of us have it sometimes due several and various reasons. There are many types and kinds of chest infections, but the most common and familiar ones among people are the once you develop after a flu or a cold. Usually, this happens or occurs […]

    BODY, Cancer

    About Lung Cancer

    About lung Cancer

    Lung Cancer Types, Symptoms & Causes Caner as usual is among the top of the health disorders list. For that reason, we have decided to write an article about it today. This article is including what are the types, symptoms, and some of the most affecting and common causes of this kind of cancer. Most […]


    6 Mental Tips to Fight Depression


    How to fight depression mentally: Of course, and who doesn’t know about depression, a mental condition that causes a lot of troubles. Isn’t it one of the most widespread psychological disorders in the world? It makes a part of the bipolar disorder as well. Depression; a feeling that terrifies most of us and a disorder […]


    A guide to Insomnia

    Insomnia Guide

    Insomnia Guide to  Assessment and Treatment We had already written an article about the sleep disorders, in which we included many sleep disorders that a person might have, but today we will go into details about one of those disorders. The insomnia is among the most well-known and serious matters that affect the sleep episode […]


    Can Gas Cause Chest Pain?

    Can Gas Cause Chest Pain

    Symptoms, Causes of Gas in Chest Area! Can Gas Cause Chest Pain? Yes…. Many People ask  if Can gas cause Chest Pain, that  has lots of possible causes; some are safe, however some (like a cardiac arrest) can be dangerous. Part of the problem is that the heart and other internal organs have a type […]


    HIV signs

    HIV Signs

    HIV or Aids; all signs you need to know about most horrible STD: STDs in general are extremely harmful and dangerous. They ruin all life aspects, relationships, marriages, sexual relationships, physical health, and everything else. Aids is a common sexually transmitted disease. It is associated with one of the most terrifying viruses; HIV. HIV or […]


    Defeat Alzheimer and Boost your Memory

    defeat Alzheimer's

    Alzheimer is commonly known as a disease that causes the weakness into memory. But, that is not the true thing about it. it does affect the memory of course, but there is also other aspects that are affected. It affects ability of thinking, ability of concentrating, ability of learning, languages, behaviors, and many other aspects. […]




    Constipation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments .. Introduction to what is about the constipation: Today, we are not going to talk about a condition that affects a specific kind of people, but about the condition that might affect every one of us. It affects children, adults, seniors, women, men, and anyone. It is not that bad […]


    Know more about marijuana and brain


    Marijuana and Brain: We have already written about two articles about the issue of marijuana and weeds. Those plants or herbs that make people feel high. It deserves all the argument it gained. As one of the most dangerous things that people might get addicted to it, it gained a bad reputation. Yet, lately, we […]