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Best Foods for a better breakfast!

Best Foods choices for a better breakfast!

When it comes to make a breakfast, people tend to have plenty of ideas, but are they all healthy? Mostly, people consume too much fats and calories in breakfast through eating eggs, cheese, butter, and other foods. But are all those foods healthy for you? Are all the foods you consume healthy and best choices for a long day?

breakfast Ideas

breakfast Ideas

We all know that the breakfast is one of the most important meals we have for a good day. Actually, it is the most important meal, because it is what provides you all the needed energy for a long day full of activities and efforts. You will not be able to accomplish your work if you do not get a good breakfast and very well satisfying one. So, if one day you go into the kitchen, you find nothing, and you decide to go to work without eating anything thinking that you will have a meal later, just hold on and re-think of that, you have to eat something, and consider not keeping your kitchen the next time empty. That might be very bad for you and your whole productive day.

In order to have that breakfast we are talking about here, you have to make some good choices about what you are planning to eat. You have to choose perfectly and correctly the foods you will consume in your breakfast. This is the problem that shall face your diet. You have to be careful about what you eat; it should be suitable for your diet as much as it is healthy and well nutritious.

The following foods were found to be the best choices for a great breakfast. They were found to be seriously effective for your day. so, consider having some of them in your kitchen for a good breakfast always.

  • Let’s start with oats:

If you are wondering why oats would be great for breakfast, here are the reasons coming. If you are looking for a good source of potassium, check out the oats. If you want to reduce your cholesterol (LDL), get oats and eat them regularly. The same thing for omega 3 fatty acids, you may have a very large of this important nutrient if you eat regular oats. Additionally, this food is a very rich source of fibers that veggies contain.

  • How about a perfect food;

Is there something perfect? Of course not. So, why would we call this food perfect? It is the eggs. An egg is sufficient to provide you all you need for a healthy day. we call it perfect because it contains any healthy nutrient you may need. You know, this thing (an egg) becomes a living chick after 21 days. That is why it is so necessary. You have to make sure you include this food in your breakfast. Eggs are high in cholesterol (HDL), which your body needs. Besides, it contains an important amount of other nutrients, on the top we find Vitamin D. make sure you include this food in your breakfast if you do not already have.

  • Yogurt is an awesome choice:

The yogurt we are talking about is not any yogurt, but the Greek one. This kind of yogurt contains very high-level calcium, which your body needs for a very healthy day. Besides, you may increase your protein level intake through having the yogurt. In order to benefit the best of this food, make sure you have it with fruits. We are coming to talk about the best kinds of fruits to have in your breakfast. The fruits may give you extra benefits along with better flavor and nutrition.

  • About drinks; coffee or tea?

Coffee is a very good drink for your morning. First, it awakes you and makes you alert for a better and more active day. Second, it contains good nutrients for your body, not only caffeine (as many people think). Finally, it prevents you from developing many serious diseases and conditions. The coffee is certainly, as study proved, your best source of antioxidants. But, what if you do not like it? Or, you are not a coffee person?

Do not feel down if you love tea more, and you need antioxidants or you are worried about them. Tea is also a very good amount of antioxidants that boost your immune system. Besides, it contains better hydration than coffee. You may drink any kind of tea you like; they contain almost the same benefits. So, it is up to you now; tea or coffee!

  • What about butter?

Maybe you do not like to eat egg or you just do not want it, what can you do? Well, here is another better option. Eat almond butter. Not any butter, but almond butter can be a very good choice. This butter is really nutritious and healthy for you. It may provide so many vitamins and mostly proteins that you need for your day. Besides, they contain very good amount of calories that can make your day a very active one.

  • Well, now for fruits; what can you eat from fruits?

Here are some of the best fruits that you can choose to eat in your breakfast to provide your day with enough health and energy. Berries are on the top. Not only strawberries, but also other berries such as raspberries and blueberries are considered the best fruits for a great breakfast. The reason is that they are super high in the antioxidants.

The yellow magical fruit can be one of the greatest choices ever. Bananas are truly healthy and awesomely nutritious for your body. Along with the high level of potassium they contain, they have also many other beneficial nutrients and elements.

Now to the green-skinned fruit with its magical red in the inside; watermelon is a great food for a better breakfast. Only from the name, you can know why it is healthy. It is a very watery fruit that hydrates your mornings every day. If you tend to have a good breakfast with lesser calories possible, this is your best friend. Watermelon does not contain large amount of calories, but only enough for a diet that aim to reduce calories intake.

Another rich and nutritious fruit is the magical green fruit. Kiwi is a great choice. This fruit contains several elements and nutrients that your body need. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Potassium, copper, and fibers are on the top of what kiwi gives your body in that healthy morning.

  • Juice some orange for your morning breakfast:

Not talking too much about this, the orange juice is certainly a great drink for your best and healthiest breakfast. Although it may contain very large amount of sugar, orange juice contain serious other nutrients and elements. Probably vitamin C and D are the best things this drink shall give you. They will enlighten your day.

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