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Can STDs be cured?

Can STDs be Cured?

One of the most important questions that people ask around Is can STDs be cured? Is there any effective way to treat the sexually transmitted diseases? That is what we are going to talk about today. The most serious diseases that make people suffer and make them have nightmares during the day light. It has been known for so long a serious threat that everyone hates.

Can STDs be cured

Can STDs be cured

Before we go to the question of can STDs be cured, let’s find out what are the most serious sexually transmitted diseases that you should be aware of. Those diseases are completely serious and if you have any of them, you have to consult the doctor immediately. If you find any cure or possible way to treat them, just do it.

I am sure that you came here after you have known what does it mean to have sexually diseases. And you know what are the most serious diseases that can be transmitter sexually, but let’s make sure if you do. Plus, you will have a better knowledge about them.

Here are what the most serious STDs are:


This is one of the most serious STIs in the whole world, and the top one in United Kingdom. Many people who get infected by the infection do not show any symptoms. That is the reason why many people cannot be aware of it when they have it. it pass from a person to another while having sex.


While having sex you can easily pass the infection of Gonorrhea to the other one. It is a bacterial infection among the most serious STDs. There are several people who do not notice any symptoms of the infection, which make it hard to be identified. Over 10% of women and 50% of men who are infected by the infection do not show any sign or symptom of the infection.

HIV (Aids):

The HIV is the most common STD. It is very common to be passed through the sexual intercourse. But ,is it really worthy to be included in the list of can STDs be cured. Since the eighties of the last century and when it was first discovered, scientist have been looking for a cure for it, but it is still too hard.

Therefore, let’s find out in the second part of the article if this disease can be cured. The virus of HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through other ways such as the contact of the blood and the sharing of injects and needles by the infected ones.


This is another bacterial sexually transmitted infection. It causes several pains in the genitals in the early stages of the infection. It causes a sore in the genitals and over the mouth. This lasts for about a month and half, then it disappear. This STI is serious, but can it be cured? Let’s find out above!

Genital Herpes:

HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) is the name of the virus that causes this infection. It is the same one that causes people to have the cold sore. The symptoms of the infection appear in the people after few days of the infection (the first contact of the body with the virus). It causes several itching, tingling, pains, or even pains during the urinating.

Genital Warts:

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the name of the virus that causes this condition. The sign of this infection is that some changes happen around the anal or the genitals. The changes include the bumps, small flesh growing, or skin changes. Those warts do not cause pain usually, but they might have some reddish, itchy, or even bloody sometimes changes. Is it one of the infections, that are included in the list of can STDs be cured?


There is a very tiny and small parasite called TV (Trichomoniasis Vaginalis) that cause the infection of Trichomoniasis. It happens to infect people through sexual contact. Sex is the way that this infection infects the other. The symptoms are not so clear, so that people who are infected do not that they are. Is it hard to be cured? Find out above!

Can STDs be cured? Or at least the most serious ones that we have mentioned in our list:

  • Can chlamydia be cured?

There is a treatment actually for the chlamydia. It is treated by some antibiotics. Your doctor shall give you capsules or tablets to take in a specific duration for each type (either capsule of tablets). It is very important that you stop having sex with your partner during the treatment.

How long will you stay away of sexual intercourse will be cited by your doctor according to the kind of treatment you have. Another important thing is that you have to tell everyone you had sex with during the last six months, in order to have the tests. That is how you can stop the spreading of the infection.

  • Can STDs be cured? Can Gonorrhea be treated?

There is an available treatment for gonorrhea. One antibiotic injection and one of tablet can treat it. If you have the right treatment, all the symptoms you have shall disappear within few days later. You are recommended to have another test after a week or two to see if you still carry the infection. During that duration, you should avoid any kind of sexual intercourse, until you get it all clear that you have no more infection.

  • Can STDs be cured? And can AIDs or HIV be treated?

Probably this is one of the most important questions, which brought you here. If you want the answer simply, it is NO. There is no actual cure for this infection, but it has several effective treatments. The treatments do not let you get rid of the virus, but they provide you the chance to live a long life and healthy one.

The treatments work on stopping the virus from more spreading, and giving the chance to the immunity system to improve. The medicines that you shall have during the treatments should be taken every day. Besides, you shall be asked to have several tests regularly, in order to make sure that the medicines work perfectly with your body.

  • Can STDs be cured? Can Syphilis be treated?

There two kinds of syphilis and both of them can be treated by a dose or amount of penicillin. The cure works if the infection is diagnosed early. There are other injections and medicines that you might take beside the penicillin, but only in case you have other side effects or the first treatment did not work perfectly.

It is highly recommended that you test yourself if you have any sign or any doubt of it. if it is not diagnosed early and then not treated early, the treatments would be so hard, and might be impossible. Plus, it might cause several serious conditions such as strokes, losing sight/blindness, paralysis, or even in some cases it might cause death.

  • Can STDs be cured? Can Genital Herpes be treated?

There is no actual cure for the genital herpes. Therefore, the only choice left to treat the infection is by controlling the symptoms through some medicines that you doctor will describe for you. It is very important that you avoid having sex during the treatment, until you get rid of every single symptom of it. Then, you have to start using the methods to prevent STDs, and the most useful one such as condoms.

  • Can STDs be cured? Can genital warts be treated?

The genital warts have several symptoms. If you notice any of them, it is very important that you check yourself and have a test with a doctor. The treatments for this infection depend of the number of warts you have and the area where you have them. That is why the test is very important. It can also make you sure about it, and if you have another STD/STI or only warts.

  • Can STDs be cured? Can Trichomoniasis be treated?

It is not usual that Trichomoniasis disappear from the patient without any treatment. There are useful treatments for the infection. It can be through the antibiotics. The prescription depends on your condition and the severity, and the doctor is the one who describes it. Yet, the most common medicine that is used to treat both women and men is metronidazole.

Finally, do you know what is the best cure for STDs? It is simply prevent them from the beginning through awareness and following methods and ways to do so.

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    Hello viewers…i was diagnosed of herpes since i was given berth to,i have be living with this deadly disease for the past years now,all my efforts to be cured was in vain,until i met my old friend who told me of a herbalist that cure herpes, so i contacted the herbal doctor and i told him about my disease and then he assured me not to worry that after two weeks i must be cured,just as he said hopefully i was indeed cured,and now i am totally healed of herpes simplex virus and i am very happy

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