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The Cancer Fighting Foods List

The Cancer Fighting Foods List

The Cancer Fighting Foods List

Top Cancer Fighting Foods List


The cancer fighting foods list: Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world, and researchers are ever looking for new ways to help fight the harsh effects that come with it. While the search for a cure is still on the go, more research and study is still underway, exploring the various ways that can help ease the condition. Regardless of its harsh nature, it has been found out that leading a good lifestyle and making healthy lifestyle decisions still remains the key factor towards fighting it off, each day at a time.

In that, it is advisable that you eat well and do a lot of exercises as part of the ideal lifestyle one should lead; but it shouldn’t be a once in a while thing. The key thing here is leading a healthy lifestyle, so it means you have to continually fuel your routine and everyday life with proper eating habits and plenty of exercises.

Fighting Cancer a plate at a Time

In most cases, when diseases take root in the body, one is required to eat well as a way to keep the body in prime physical health. Eating well translates to a well-established immune system ready to fight pathogens, thus lessening the effects of such ailments. The same thing applies with cancer; you need to eat favorable foods in order for you to improve your condition. There are certain foods that are usually recommended for people who have cancer.

These meals make up what can be referred to as the cancer fighting foods list. This is because, not all foods are ideal when it comes to such a condition; while some help improve your odds at recovery, others go against this and can worsen the situation the more. In such a case, one is required to be a careful eater, selecting only those foods that make a difference.

The ideal cancer fighting foods list comprises mostly of plant-based meals and less of those that consist of animal protein. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, two-thirds or more of what is on your plate should be a plant-based diet, and at most, a third should be animal-based foods. Ideally, it’s always good to be keeping tabs on what you’re eating at all times. This cancer fighting foods list consists of:

– Fruits and vegetables

From oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, carrots, to strawberries, anything colorful that comes from the garden is another thing you should include in your everyday meals. That’s because those vegetables and fruits come packing with a lot of nutrients that help fight cancer; but that’s not all they do.

In addition, integrating such foods into your diet helps you to lose weight in the short run, and that’s a win as far as your health is concerned. Weight and cancer are not a good combination because cancer thrives well when you gain more weight. In short, cancer cells multiply faster when you are not of the right weight, but going for this food combination, especially the green, orange and red vegetables, will reverse the effects in the long run.

– Cereals with Folate

Folate is a good vitamin B source, and that is why it needs to be on everyone’s cancer fighting foods list; and the thing about vitamin B, it readily protects you against various types of cancers, specifically breast cancer and cancer of the rectum and colon. So, if you thought cereals were only for kids, think again. You can now include fortified cereals in the cancer fighting foods list, along with orange juice, strawberries and water melons. That’s a healthy breakfast combination right there.

– Beans

Time and again, it’s been constantly stressed that beans are a good addition to your diet. The doctors were right. However, not only are they favorable because of their high protein content, but beans also contain phytochemicals that have been observed to protect the body against any damage that might result to cancer. Beans have also shown a lot of potential when it comes to slowing down the growth of tumors. Conclusively, they have also some potential when it comes to protecting the healthy cells of the body against cancerous infections.

– Turmeric

Turmeric is a well-known Indian spice that offers a wide array of foods a bit of flavor. Now, however, it’s been observed that it has some underlying potential when it comes to fighting cancer growth in the body. According to research, the prime ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, is the one responsible for this. This ingredient offers turmeric the ability to suppress a wide range of cancerous activities in the body, which would otherwise allow their growth and transformation.

– Green Tea

That’s right. Green tea also has some cancer fighting traits lying within. What’s more, it can ideally combat cancer growth over a wide range of cancers, including, prostate, colon, breast and liver cancer. It acts by protecting the respective cells in each of those body organs, preventing cancer cells from multiplying and spreading further. Furthermore, it has also been proven to work for people with pancreatic, bladder and stomach cancer.

These are just a few of the main foods that you can readily add to your cancer fighting foods list. There are other numerous options that can be classified in the same category as these, as far as fighting cancer is concerned. However, remember the key is to make healthy eating a habit, and eventually, make it into a lifestyle.

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