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Obesity Rate in America: Obesity Statistics

Obesity Rate in America

Obesity Rate in America Facts Obesity is a medical condition where excess body fat gets accumulated leading to adverse effects on health. Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to determine whether a person is obese or not. People having BMI greater than30 kg/m2 are diagnosed as obese. Eating too much junk food and living a […]


Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

Metabolic Syndrome Diet plan | Best Diet for Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic Syndrome is also referred to as dysmetabolic syndrome, metabolic disease or Syndrome X. It is a term used to mean a group of several conditions for a cluster of conditions, including obesity of the abdomen, high levels of triglyceride, high blood sugar levels, high […]


Best Anorexia Diet Plan

anorexic diet

How To Lose Extra Weight in Easy Steps? Anorexic Diet is derived from Anorexia Nervosa– an eating disorder in which people eat little calories. In this case, individuals who are anorexic achieve significant weight loss. Anorexia can be devasting to our health, but here we view anorexia as effective means of losing weight fast. Recently, […]


How to Purge?

How to Purge??

Learning How to purge: There are many people that suffer from the bulimia nervosa and they want to know how to purge. That method helps them to get rid of the food they have consumed. so, the person eats too much, by far he does not feel like to be able to carry on. This […]


Diabetes Type 2 and weight loss:

Diabetes Type 2 weight loss

Type 2 Diabetes: How to Lose Weight Haven’t we just associated overweight people with diabetes type 2? Isn’t this a whole mistake? Well, certainly there is a connection between obesity and diabetes type 2, but for how much? Diabetes type 2 is related to many issues and health troubles that we cannot ignore. Those health […]


Is There Really a “Healthiest Weight”?

Healthiest Weight

The Healthiest Body Weight !! We can consider weight loss a matter of time; our time. Everyone around the whole world is worried about weight since the shape of the person becomes more important than the mind. With the increase of the social media and mass media, how you look is what matters to most […]


How to Boost your Metabolism?

Boost Metabolism

How can you boost your metabolism? Since weight loss is a matter of concern of the entire world, the metabolism plays a very important role in making it happen. People who care for their weight should care for their metabolism first. Metabolism does include several aspects that you should know about such as diet, exercises, […]


Bulimia Tips

Bulimia tips

Bulimia tips & Tricks People, who want to be bulimic, should know about the bulimia tips. The bulimia tips mean the ways and methods that people use in order to get rid of what they have eaten. It is a good method to learn how to purge, so that you avoid consuming what you do […]


Why you should Enrich your Diet with vitamin D

Vitamin D

As any other nutrient, vitamin D is an extremely effective and necessary for the health of anybody. But, plenty of people who are not aware of this, which cause people to have health problems. The reason why many people have health risks is the lack of vitamin D or nay other nutrient. Research has related […]


ADHD Diet Plan


The problem with ADHD is that there is no current cure for it. There is no available medication for th people who develop this disorder to help them to get rid of it. The ADHD is mostly found in children. That is why we are here today we want to talk about the ADHD diet […]


Anorexia Nervosa Facts!

Anorexia Nervosa Facts

Facts About Anorexia Nervosa In order to cite the anorexia nervosa facts, we shall be talking about any important thing related to it, such as; causes, signs and symptoms, diagnose, and treatment. But, first, let’s talk about what does anorexia nervosa means. I assume you have a general idea about it, but let us see […]


How to Become Bulimic?

how to become bulimic

How to Become bulimic Fast? The bulimic nervosa is another eating disorder. It is the opposite of anorexia nervosa. If the anorexia nervosa is about avoiding food and starve, the bulimia is about to eat too much and then comes the episode of purge. The third type of the eating disorders is like bulimia but […]


Breast Cancer Diet

Breast Cancer Diet

Diet and Breast Cancer Women who have breast cancer might be wondering what to eat during developing this disease. It not only a matter of treatment and therapies, but also the diet is affecting the health of any patient. The same for the breast cancer diet; it is one of the most important things that […]


The easy way to lose extra weight (anorexia diet)

how to become anorexic

The most effective method to Become Anorexic Thin I have seen so many people got attention to the eating disorder that is called « anorexia nervosa ». This disorder that prevents the patient from eating and starving till he/she becomes extremely skin. It happens due to the false idea about oneself. They usually think that they are […]

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How to Treat Depression Naturally

How to Treat Depression Naturally

How to Treat Depression Naturally Depression is becoming one of the most serious problems of our time. In order to defeat this disorder, people are looking every time for the best treatment, from a natural treatment to the doctors and experts. But today I came to make a point about the most useful natural treatment […]