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Social Media photos to diagnose depression Signs

Researchers attempted to see if computer-driven image recognition could and diagnose depression based on the form and content of people’s posts on Instagram, a social media photo sharing site. They looked at more than 43,000 images from 166 people, who also completed a survey about their mood. The researchers found people who reported having a […]


Best shoes for back pain

Best shoes for back pain

What Are the Best Shoes to Help Relieve Hip Or Back Pain?  The Connection between Your Shoes and Back Pain This may not sound believable, but one invisible culprit of back pain can be your shoes! Actually, it can really have quite an impact on your back pain, for the simple reason that you stand […]


Risks and Side Effects of NSAIDs Painkillers!

Painkillers side effects

Side Effects and Risks of Painkillers! Sometimes we just cannot deal or handle the pain that we get from a particular issue, so we use the painkillers. We may not pay attention to what risks or side effects that hose medications and drugs might carry. This makes it more serious and more risky. Some people […]


Science News: Undefeated Bacteria!

Undefeated Bacteria

New Undefeated Bacteria: Bacteria are among the bodies that can ruin your entire body making you to still in your bed for days. But, since the development of technology and medical science was advanced, this was not a big issue. When people get bacteria, almost any kind, they just go to a pharmacy and get […]


Bringing back Alzheimer’s Removed Memories?

Can we Bring back what Alzheimer Removed from Our Memories? It is one of the most heart-delighting news, which we have been hearing around recently: the research claims that the lost memories, because of Alzheimer, ca be brought back.  This research suggests that Alzheimer does not destroy or remove completely the memories, but it only […]


Various Facts About Human Body

Human Body Facts

Facts About the Human Body: Some facts and interesting things are not familiar among most of population. It is like nobody cares about them, while, in fact, they are so important and people should know as basic things about their bodies. Actually, those facts may not be considered urgently necessary to know, but still important […]


Can air pollution cause you obesity!!!

Polluted Air

Polluted Air May Cause You Obesity Have you ever been in Beijing, China? That air over there is just too dirty. You barely can breathe to survive or to live. People with small breathing condition such as asthma would suffer too much there. However, this is not our aim. We do not aim to talk […]


Most Famous Theories about Human Spirit

Human Spirit

Most famous theories that tried to reach the humans spirit: Talking about the spiritual side of the humans is usually related to the religious people. Most of the time, we find the religious people, who care so much about the soul and spirit of humans.  In other hand, there is the science and logic that […]


Important Facts About Dopamine!

Facts About Dopamine!

Important facts you should know about Dopamine We are about to blow your mind with the matter that has the most amazing functions in the nervous system. The matter that is found in the brain. It is called and as everyone knows it ‘Dopamine’. It plays its role in the body and we are not […]


Top 6 Science myths

Science myths

Science myths : Top 6 myths about Science that Everybody Might Believe- Why would I talk about the science myths today? Well, it is simply because I have irritated by the myths that people had about science. Actually, they are not myths about science, but scientific myths that people carry in their minds. Those myths […]


Insulin Injections

Insulin Injections

Insulin injections: Surely, everyone knows about insulin or at least has heard about it once. Everyone who knows about diabetes, will know about insulin and what does it stand for. As for the people who develop the diseases of diabetes types will have to be obliged to use it as a medication and treatment. Therefore, […]


Zika Fever: Prevention, Symptoms, Causes.

Zika Fever

Zika Fiver :  Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment If you follow the science news, you will hear certainly about the appearance of the zika virus again. The virus causes serious damages to the body. It is the cause of the zika fever, that is the name of its infection. The zika fever is widespread in the […]


Can you Get Addicted to Weed?

Does Weed Cause addiction 3

Does Weed Cause addiction? Weeds, Marijuana, Cannabis, or whatever you call it is a kind of smoking. There is no big difference between weeds and cigarettes. Both are addictions and both are dangerous. The reason why I decided to write an article about this, is that a patient was in my clinic and asked me; “can […]


Domestic Violence Effects

domestic violence affects 3

Effects of Domestic Violence The issue of domestic issue of domestic violence can be a very serious one. It can have deep domestic violence effects. People refer to the domestic violence as domestic abuse as well. It has two kinds of aspects that are affected but such activity. The violence can be affecting the children […]


Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk The new researches show that using cellphones increase the risk of developing a kind of tumor called “Glioma”. This tumor causes the most common brain cancer ever. From here the question of ‘do cellphones cause cancer’ came. Those new researches say that the risk of having the glioma cancer increased […]


Medical Inventions 2015

Inventions 2015

Medical Inventions 2015  Our web site main topic is to write about anything that is related to the health disorders. in order to keep it like this, we would like to talk about some important invention 2015 that happened during this year. So, what is the relationship between our website and the invention 2015? This […]


Rabies Disease New Global Framework

Rabies Disease

Rabies Disease: New Framework that will end it! Breaking news for anyone who is having the rabies disease or afraid to have it, or people who treat dogs but afraid of the rabies. This disease does kill tens of people around the world. That is why every year scientists are trying to have the absolute […]


Marijuana And Brain Cancer

Marijuana and Brain Cancer

Marijuana And Brain Cancer Effect Cannabis, weeds or Marijuana is a very sweet drugs that everyone around the world are attached to it. These plants are called the magic plants. Everyone loves to take it for its effects and addiction. Some people tried for the first time just for fun and now they cannot get […]