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Kids Obesity and Depression In The World Today

causes of obesity in kids

Reason for Weight problems Worldwide Today Why are people overweight? Exactly what causes it? Is it due to laziness and unhealthy living? On the other hand, is it due to genetic comprise? Medical scientist shave examined into the causes of obesity and their findings support all of these theories. They have actually come up with […]


Your Child-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook

Food Allergies in childreen

Allergy-Friendly Book for your Child to assist You Cook the Best Research study reveals that there are about 5 to eight percent of young kids who is caused with food allergy. When a person is hypersensitive to a specific food protein, a food allergic reaction is an immunologic response of the body. With the growing […]


Violence Effects on Talented Children


Scholarly articles for Violence Effects on Talented Children I do remember that my dad told me they used to be taught through being beaten every day if they do not learn the regular verbs or multiplication table. This may affect our children in many ways, but we, most of us, do not know those effects […]

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Best Baby Eczema Cream


Best Creams, to Treat Baby Eczema Eczema or dermatitis is a very familiar condition that baby gets during their first months. It is characterized by some reddish, itching, and crusty or dry areas of the skin. It may appear at any part of the body. So, as a caring mother (or father as well), noticing […]


A parents’ guide to dyslexia

A guide to Dyslexia

A guide to Dyslexia: Most of our articles are motivated by something, someone, or some story, which is the same thing for the case of this particular article. Have you ever known/ met someone who is incapable of learning? The school education is just so hard for him/ her? That would sound ridiculous for people […]


Common Anxiety Disorders in Children

Anxiety in Childreen

About children’s anxiety disorders At a particular point of childhood, the child may experience the feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, and several feelings due to different reasons. The reasons might be such as changing the place, the school, teachers, nurses, doctors, new people, or anything similar. But, to reach the level of being affected by […]


Can ADHD be Cured?


Can Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be cured? ADHD is one of the most common disorders that affect the children. I have been through a similar situations several times. Last few days, my friend visited me with his family, and it was irritating to see his little daughter act too much like having an ADHD. After […]


Bipolar Disorder in Children

Bipolar Disorder in Children

Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens Some people might notice several changes in their children and their behavior. But, they do not know either they have the bipolar disorder or just a simple mood changes? That is why we decided today to talk about the bipolar symptoms in children in order to make you know […]


Most Common Childhood Cancer

Most Common Childhood Cancer 1

Childhood Cancers Recently we have passed the February 15th, which is the day of the children cancers. Because of the increase in the number of the infected children by those kinds of the cancers, we decided today to state the most common childhood cancer. We are going to talk about the top common cancers beginning […]


Urine infection symptoms (UTI)

Urinary  Infections Symptoms (UTIs) As we have already mentioned in a previous article about the UTI men (Urinary Tract Infection in men), the infection might have two kinds. There is the upper side of the urinary tract and the lower side. Each side has a different kind of infection, but both of them are combining […]


4 Year Old Behavior Issues

4 year old behavior issues

Behaviour Problems in our 4 year old The question is what are those 4 year old behavior issues and activities? Why little kids of 4 year old do behave strange; not strange but unique? This age is very important at the age of childhood. This is when the kid starts to feel independent and depend […]


What are the symptoms of autism in children?

symptoms of autism in children

The symptoms of autism in children? And what could be the most dangerous effects of it? In order to talk about the symptoms of autism in children, we have to talk about what is autism, even shortly. So, here is a definition of what is autism; Autism is a nervous growth disorder that is characterized […]


Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence

Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence

Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence are mental disorders that are defined by abnormal eating habits that have negative effects on the child physical and mental health. These Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence causes serious changes in eating habits that lead to major or life threatening conditions. The disorders include binge eating disorders where […]