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Chili Peppers Health Effects

Chili Peppers Nutrition facts and Health Benefits

Certain foods are somehow better than others. We are not talking about the flavor or the taste, but the benefits and nutrients. You may have heard that famous quote says: an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. This is not precisely correct; I mean eating one single apple everyday will not provide you all health requirements, but adding that to the usual diet would be a good plan that shall saves you from many visits to your doctor.

chili peppers health effects

chili peppers

In fact, if we talk beneficially, the apples may have less important nutrients than a banana does, but the amounts and variety of nutrients in one food to another do differ a lot. Chili peppers are no less nor better than other foods and ingredients, but it does have its own benefits.

However, taking too much from one certain food may affect your health negatively as well. For example, eating more than necessary sugar; may cause you to have health conditions; such as diabetes. The same thing is for chili peppers.

The reason why we have decided to talk about this certain food is that it may cause you troubles in your health. Therefore, it is something related to your health disorders, which our main subject of our web site. In other side, it may improve your life, health, or diet in a way or another. Those effects are what matters for us here.

Why it is Hot?

The most powerful, and perhaps the most delicious, addition to eating foods during a meal is what a certain specific chemical in the chili peppers, named Capsaicin; causes. Because of the irritation that we get when we eat much of such substance, we stop consuming it.

However, some people may be able to get adapted to such irritation and handle both mental and physical pain of consuming the chemical. This is the reason why they may have some health effects if they consume more than necessary. That irritation is helpful for people who stop; when they feel it, and harmful for people who do not and keep ignoring it.

What is the biological benefit of spicy and hot foods?

In spite of the pain that accompanies those kinds of foods, researchers believe that those foods give a specific and particular flavor that we would not be able to describe. It is what kept certain traditions on life; connected to those traditions. If you wander around the world, you will find that warmer places give hotter foods and more spicy meals. That is no coincidence.

Heat and high temperature ruin foods. Before the fridges and advanced materials, heat was a serious issue. People who lived in hot places, they had serious health threatening conditions when they consume foods that are not fresh (ruined with heat). That is due to the growth of microbes and bacteria over the foods; quicker in hotter places than in colder ones.

So, in a research, the experts found that many spices are necessary to limit the growth of such things. According to a research report in about 17 years ago, the Capsaicin could kill or at least chain more than 75 percent of the bacteria in foods.

What would happen to your body if you eat the hottest kind of such peppers?

Although the use of hot chili peppers in all over the world is increasing, the effects of capsaicin may be life threatening if there is too much of it. It might cause you to have strokes, heart attacks, serious panics, and even maybe death.

The hottest chili pepper in the entire world is known as Bhut Jolokia, which means the ‘Ghost Pepper’. It spread over the world known as Ghost pepper. According to a professor who studied it, an enough dozen of it may be able to kill you in very short time. The amount of it or any other hottest chili pepper that can kill an adult person is about 1.3 kilograms. Yet, the body is known to react quickly to that, which may prevent such tragic event.

You don’t have to eat the ghost pepper to feel the effects of capsaicin, but a lot of any hot chili pepper such as Berry Berry pepper, which is brought from India, may cause you serious emergency call to hospital. The first feeling you get when you experience this is a very severe pain in your mouth, which may worsen few moments later.

Once what you have bitten will reach your stomach or about it, you will feel a cramp over your arms and your feet may start shaking. You will become unable to speak, your eyes may feel pain as well and seems like you are blind. This may not lead to any chronic effect, but it will give you a couple hours in hell.

What are the effects of over quantity chili pepper on your mouth and nose?

You may find it very delicious and tasty to eat a hot spicy meal, but your body does not feel comfortable for capsaicin. Your body will feel that this chemical is a substance that should be gotten rid of it as soon as possible. This may lead to a reaction in the mucus glands. Eventually, you shall have symptoms over your mouth and nose, such as running nose and increased saliva.

What are the effects of chili pepper on your brain?

Immediately, once you get a bite of a hot meal, you will feel that your heat has increased (higher temperature), while in fact, it is still the same. This false feeling of high temperature is caused because of the effects of capsaicin on the pain receptors. Those receptors are known as TRPV1, which are not activated, unless it is about heat.

Therefore, the nerves send messages to the brain, informing about a high temperature, while there is no change in your body degrees. That is how the feeling of being near a hot source is created.

Well, once your TRPV1 receive an informant about high temperature, your brain will work on defending that. In this case, your brain will do the best solution to beat the heat, which is sweating. That is the reason why you sweat more when you eat more spicy and hot meals.

Besides, the TRPV1 will make your blood vessels to enlarge, which causes a high sensitivity to heat over your outside part (skin). That is a reason why you become red in your face and your hands when you eat those foods.

For many people, especially those who have never tasted capsaicin, once they first eat it, they may have troubles in your digestive system. The same effect that capsaicin has on the nose and mouth, the stomach may experience it too; increased level of mucus glands releases. Additionally, capsaicin makes the intestines to experience serious cramps; strong cramps.

All those reactions happen because the body is attempting to remove the new substance as soon as possible. The body usually beats it and wins this battle, but sometimes it may cost some irritating symptoms, such as nausea and throwing up.

What does a simple amount of chili pepper, about 200 grams, contain?

  • If you eat such amount of chili pepper, here is what you will give to your body:
    – 80 calories
    – 0.8 fats
    – 18 mg of Sodium
    – 644 mg of potassium
    – 18 g of carbohydrates
    – 3.8 g of proteins
    and very good amount of Vitamin A and B-6, with too much of Vitamin C. All this with some of necessary Iron and magnesium.
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