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Do Women Feel more Pain than Men?

Do Women and Men feel Pain differently? |

This might seem a little bit ridiculous for some people; asking about feeling pain and why women feel it more than men do. But, believe me, this is really true. Women do feel pain more than men do. The pain we are talking about here is not emotional or psychological, but physical and in the physiology of the human beings.

women and men

women and men

There is a remarkable difference between the physiology of men’s body and the one of women’s body. For pain, it is involved in that difference as well. This is what we are going to talk about today.

The pain is measured through some units that scientists and doctors made. Have you heard that information spreading around saying; the human body can only bear up to forty-five units of pain, which is known as Del or Dol, while a mother, during giving birth, bear about fifty-seven units, which is about having twenty bones of your body fractured together?

Obviously, mothers do suffer so much pain during giving birth and it is not pleasant for them at all.

Yet, that does not mean the information that we have just mentioned is true. Those women who go through such experiences in life are really strong women.

Pain is measured indeed, but only with a system of measurement that people doctors use while trying to identify the situation of the patient. This was first used in the fifties of the last century. It is about a scale from 0 to 10. This method might not be the same for everyone, because the ‘much’ pain that I might call it 7 out of 10, is probably the same as another may call it 5 out of ten, while another might call it 9 out of ten.

It depends necessarily on the people’s ability to handle and bear pain. about 2 to 3 it means that the pain is quite mild. 4 to 5 refers to moderate. 6 to 7 means severe. 8 o 9 may refer to very or extremely severe. Finally, 10 means pain than you cannot absolutely bear. This is the only known measurement of pain.

I believe I have been away of my main topic for a while. We aim to know if do really women feel more pain than men do. This is what we are going to explain here. Yet, talking about measuring pain was a very interesting and relevant topic to talk about.

The new study that I have been following recently; suggests that women do feel more intense pain than men do. Whenever they fall ill or go through painful experience. The study included several people in the examinations, which showed that women who go through painful diseases and experiences such as chest infections, respiratory infections, and others, have reported more pain than men did.

The study’s aim was to identify the sex differences in reacting to pain. Therefore, the sensitivity of the sex gender to the pain is different from each one to the other. It is related to diseases more than it has been thought.

Actually, nobody can know whether women do ‘truly’ feel more pain than men do, because pain is subjective. There are several factors that integrate in feeling pain. The mood may affect feeling pain, as much as taking painkillers of anti-pain medications.

Furthermore extra studies should be done to analyze difference of pain sensitivity in both human and animals between male and female. The problem with animals is that sometimes studies fail to identify the sex gender. Besides, the pain sensitivity is very hard to detect it, especially that it is subjective, as we have said.

The previous studies that have studied the human perception of pain did not spot the lights on the intensity of pain, but only on reporting pain. Either they did not pay attention to the pain intensity, or they did not include enough people to report it (from both genders).

The study we are talking about here used different methods in detecting the pain. It depended on electronic reports and measures to measure pain. Besides, they included about eleven thousands people. They used the same scale that we have talked about above; from 0 to ten. Through all the tests and examinations, the difference in reporting pain sensitivity between sex genders was clear. Especially, they applied that in many difference health conditions and diseases.

The women reported more scale degrees in being exposed to the pain of back, neck, knees, and muscles than men did. Mostly, women reported more scores than men. The explanation may refer to that women feel more pain or feel it faster than men do. The numbers reported by both men and women were different. Yet, the study was wide and large; it involved many people, so that the results are crucial and, we can say, fact.

All doctors and professor supervised the study confirmed that the only reasonable explanation to the outcomes of the tests is that women do really feel more pain than men. Now, it came to explain why do women feel more pain than men?

Unfortunately, the exact cause or reason behind this difference is not yet confirmed and identified. The previous and precede studies claimed that there are several factors behind this. The causes differ from genetic, hormonal, and of course emotional/ psychological factors. They vary from male to female. Another hypothesis says that it is possible that men have different system of pain sensitivity; not the same system as women. Besides, women, perhaps, suffer more pain from diseases and conditions than men do.

However, the furthermore future studies are so needed to identify the cause of pain and to help control it. If they can identify it, they would be able to effectively control it. The targets and goals of such studies should be meant to find the exact biological and physiological causes of pain, such as genes, hormones, cells, nerves, or proteins, so that they can control it. Yet, it is still hard and require so much more research in the future.

To conclude, the theory that women feels more pain than men do is now confirmed (almost), but more and extra studies are necessary to support this aim.


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