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Drink enough water a day to keep Overweight Away!

Why you need to keep drinking water all day?

This is a matter of how you keep your body hydrated and how does that affect your weight. So far, water is very important and necessary catalyst in the process of trying to lose weight. It also helps to keep you away from gaining any pound. Some of us might think that this is quite ridiculous, silly, or pointless to drink water in order to lose weight.

Drink water

Drink water to fight Overweight

But, research says ‘no’; water may be the magical thing you need to achieve what you are aiming for. Fresh and natural water of spring might be very effective, more than anything else, which I personally recommend every single one of you to look for.

Here, we are going to talk about how important is to keep drinking water during your day and how does that effect on your weight loss progress.

Water does subdue your appetite and helps you to metabolize your fats:

According to recent studies, the less you drink of water, the more your body store fats. Vice-versa if your drink more water, your body burns more stored fats. The reason behind this fact is that the kidney does not work properly if your body misses water. Eventually, when the kidney does not function properly, it dumps its load to the liver.

Among the very important functions of kidney, there is the ability to transfer the stored fats into energy that the body uses. Additionally, if this mission was given to the liver, it cannot do it properly, so that it cannot perfectly burn the stored fats. Consequently, the liver does not burn enough amounts of fats, more of them remain stored in the body, and the weight loss progress weakens. Therefore, it is better to stay hydrated and drink water more often.

Do you have fluid retention? Drink water! It will help you relieve that:

Once you stop giving your body enough water or you decrease the amounts of intake water, your body considers it differently and thinks it is something serious, so that it starts to take caution. Your body starts to conserve every last drop of water and use it carefully. This is a way of survival, which our bodies learnt through evolution.

The water is stored outside the cells in some particular places known as extracellular areas. This is what makes your body starts swelling in your feet, arms, hands, or legs. Your body diuretics start to take a step to help, which is usually temporary. Those diuretics push the water and some other important and essential nutrients to go out.

Again, the body feels the threat, and starts to take caution through replacing the loss of water in the first following chance. This issue will return and starts over and over. So, the best and most effective treatment for it is to give your body what it wants; a lot of water. After that, your body will release the stored amounts of water.

In case, you see that this trouble is more often with you, then the reason might be due to excess use of salt in your meals. Sodium is necessary, but having too much will make you in more need to drink water. The more you consume sodium, the more your body needs water to retain it. If you eat more salt, your sodium level in blood rises, which can be easily removed through drinking more water. Once your kidney gets sufficient amounts of water, it becomes able to relieve all extra amounts of salt.

The fatter you are, the more water your body needs:

Your metabolic loads depend on the size of your body. The bigger it is, the lager those loads are. As we have said before, water is the magical secret drink that improves your metabolism and helps your body to metabolize the fats. So, you need more water as much as your body is bigger (because of the large metabolic loads). As a simple conclusion, the overweight people need more water to reduce their weight.

Water helps your body to gain lean muscles and complete tone:

This goal here is achieved once you give your body their natural abilities and you keep them always hydrated. People, who lose their weight, get sometimes the sagging skin, which can be prevented through drinking appropriate and sufficient amounts of water. This is another benefit of drinking water and weight loss; the good effects on the skin. Your skin will be healthy, clear, clean, resilient, and of course fresh as you want it to be.

Get rid of all waste from your body through drinking water:

When you see someone that has lost weight and you compare their body’s shape, you find that there is plenty of waste that has been abandoned on during losing weight. Those wastes are usually fats, which are metabolically shed. Besides, if you drink appropriate quantity of water, you help to flush all the waste of your body out.

Get rid of constipation through drinking enough water!

We have already talked about constipation as a very common digestive disorder. Water is your first remedy to relieve this issue. If you do not provide your body with sufficient amounts of water, it starts to suck out several other sources to get water that it needs. Your colons are one of those major sources of water. As a result, you end up having constipation. The stools become less hydrated, which makes it hard to pass them. However, if you drink enough water, your body will be normally able to pass the stools and your bowel functions as usual.

Some facts related to water and weight loss, which we have found here:

The functions of your body change and lower due to the low water intake.

Your metabolism becomes less effective in burning the stored fats.

Water is very necessary and essential if you tend to lose your weight.

If you have excess water in your body, you have to drink a lot of water.

Therefore, what is the right amount of water to drink daily?

Perhaps, you have already heard that drinking 8 glasses of water per day is the perfect quantity. That is somehow true, but in general speaking. Eight glasses of water differs from a person to another according to several factors such as age, size, gender, and others. If you exercise, you have to drink more water than a person who does not. If you are overweight, you have to drink more water.

In average, drink about 2.25 liters of water every day. Yet, If you are overweight, that quantity changes. You should drink then about 0.3 liters for every additional 11.5 kilograms in your weight. For the exercise, of course you will have to increase the intake water level; depending on the weather as well.

However, water should be drunk usually cold. Cold water is better than warm water, because of its flexibility and speed in absorbing in it inside the body. Moreover, some studies claim that cold water is more effective in burning fats than warm water is.

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