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EMU OIL: Benefits and Side Effects.



What is Emu Oil made out of and how do you harvest it?

Emu Oil is a product, originally from Australia – where the emus live, that enjoys a wide range of uses and claimed beneficial remedies and effects on health. Today emus are raised on farms for the purpose of harvesting the Omega-rich fatty oils in North America, as well as a few other places beside Australia like Canada and India. The oil is harvested as the meat is harvested – you could say they are co-products, as there is a market for both.

Emu oil is becoming extremely popular as the oil contains many healing properties that have been found to be beneficial for the skin disorder. It is sold as a topical lotion or oil for application to your skin. It also comes in capsules, shampoo and also as a soap alternative for bathing.

You can buy pure emu oil products mixed with natural botanicals to enhance the beneficial effects of the oil. This wonderful oil also relieves any itching you might be experiencing and the omega-7 in it is an anti-oxidant that promotes the regeneration of healthy tissue. Is it suitable for sensitive skin? You bet it is. From my own personal experience and experiments I have seen many an emu oil success story like this.

When applied topically, it penetrates deep into the skin to promote healing and relief from discomfort well below the surface. This trans-dermal property allows formulas containing emu oil to be “carried” deeper, thus allowing them to be more effective at treating the hair structure. This needs to be the case for any topical treatment to be truly effective.

Eczema is a skin disease, characteristic with reddened rashes, irritation and itching. The structural profile of emu oil shows that it a proven skin nourishment. Its components make it for effective hand eczema  as it provides the missing ingredients for good and healthy skin.

The anti-clogging nature Emu extract oil helps the skin to soak up the nutrients effectively. It adds plenty of nourishment to the skin and helps the skin maintain luster. The hypoallergenic nature and phospholipid absence makes it suitable for topical application in all types of skin.

EMU OIL: Uses and benefits:

1. Bruises – many people apply emu oil directly on to the bruised area. it has been proven to absorb into the skin, supplying it with the essential fatty acids your skin needs for faster healing.

2. Burns – research animal studies in Asia showed that this oil reduces inflammation, lowers the amount of water in burn blisters, and increases skin renewal in burns. These studies showed that emu oil worked most effectively when you applied it 24 – 48 hours AFTER the burn occurred.

3. Cuticles & Nail Care – it helps soften and moisturize your cuticles, thus preventing dry, peeling cuticles. It was also found to enhance nail health.

4. Dry, cracked skin – it makes an excellent moisturizer. Since it is almost identical in chemical make up as human skin, it’s highly compatible and enhances normal skin growth and renewal. It was found that emu oil increases the moisture content in the skin, preventing dryness and flaking.

5. Diaper rash – it is reported to reduce the redness and inflammation, increase healing time, and improve skin texture found in diaper rash. This may be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil.

6. Razor burns – many men will love this use. When applied right after shaving, emu oil was found to soften and smooth the skin. There was a reduction in razor burn and skin healing was enhance.

7. Muscle aches and pains – it makes a great muscle ‘balm’. It’s used by many massage therapists and athletic therapists to treat muscle aches and pains.

8. Wrinkles. – due to emu oil’s healing and moisturizing properties, it works wonderful as a preventive treatment for wrinkles. Many users have felt that emu oil ‘thickens’ their skin; this resulted in the reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

9. Eczema – the redness, peeling and itching of eczema can be quite troubling for many people. Some people have found that emu oil helps reduce these symptoms. Emu oil was found to help reduce the inflammation and dryness found in eczema.

10. Acne – it helps reduce the redness and swelling found in acne. It was also found to increase healing time for skin eruptions, reducing scarring and improving skin texture.

The color of EMU OIL :

Many things can affect the color of the oil. The main factor that affects color is almost always in the processing. Proper processing is slow, tedious, and difficult. Experience is critical and is almost always the difference in high quality emu oil.

Pearl-White: The pearl-white came out of the refinery perfect, which is almost ALWAYS the case (with properly processed product).

Yellow: Yellow, the boiler at the refinery shut off during refining and caused the “less than satisfactory” color.

Brown: Brown, there was a “rolling blackout” by the power company which shut down the refinery for 30 minutes during refining.

Clear: Clear emu oil is produced in a couple of ways. The unrefined sample [rendered oil), has been left to stand for a couple of days and it has separated. The top half is clear. It LOOKS superior, but it isn’t even refined. it can be produced in the refinery by a process called “winterizing.” It is VERY expensive and doesn’t produce a superior emu oil. It only LOOKS superior because it is clear.

Clear  should be priced at twice the cost of regularly refined emu oil. If it isn’t, it hasn’t been “winterized.” Regular, normally refined emu oil is just as effective and safe.

Blue EMU OIL uses:

This is a unique pain relieving product that is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, sport trainers and massage therapists all over the word. These professionals believe that blue emu is the most effective way to bring natural anti-inflammatory, anti- bacteria and anti-fungal agents to the source of the pain.

This product can be used on the sore backs, fingers, elbows, waists, hands or anywhere you are experiencing pain. With regular use, it can act as a natural anti-inflammatory that will reduce the chronic size of Arthritis.

Some Emu Oil Products:



EMU Oil Products

EMU OIL Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings:

The many claims made by enthusiasts and marketers of Emu Oil may, at worst, be harmful, although there seems to be little evidence of recorded ill side effects. At best, it may be quite beneficial to the user.

As with most everything that is marketed, there seems to be a high incidence of, or a flair for, exaggeration, some suspected degree of untruths and some actual facts -all intertwined. It is up to the end-user to sort out all the wheat from the chaff and it is not always easy.

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration is the authority having jurisdiction over health claims made by manufacturers. The many benefits of this Oil that are claimed are not all scientific fact. Some may be true but may not be backed by scientific study. Many findings are anecdotal. ” How to Spot Health Fraud ” is an informative article, giving a few examples of claims made that are not backed up by scientific evidence.

In some cases, certain claims made about it may be true. The claims may be the result of anecdotal evidence collected over many generations of users. The lack of FDA approval doesn’t mean the claim is false. It could mean the claim hasn’t been scientifically evaluated. In such cases it is up to the individual to decide if the use of the OIL is right for him or her. It might work as claimed for one person but not another.

There has been some research published that can be found on the web. In the end, not all that much is known about the effects of taking it orally. There has been studies involving the use of lab rats that point to some beneficial reduction of inflammation and healing of wounds.

As there is no evidence of negative side effects, if someone has a condition that might be improved by the use of Emu Oil, it might be worth a try. It should be noted that the oil is available in different grades of refinement and it is important to buy a high grade oil.


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  1. Celina November 4, 2016 at 2:53 am - Reply

    I still use emu oil, it is very good good oil.. I don’t know why you talk about side effects, natural things has no side effects

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