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Fingertips Peeling Top Remedies

Fingertips Peeling Causes & Remedies

In a previous article, I talked about how the fingertips peeling happens. But today, I aim to talk about the topic in general, to mention everything you need to know about this irritating skin problem.

fingertips peeling

fingertips peeling

Many and several things can cause the fingertips peeling. In order to avoid this problem you need to arm your mind with enough knowledge. This knowledge includes different things such as; knowing the causes, the symptoms, and the remedies of it. This is the way of how you can get rid of this problem.

I had a friend that had this terrible and annoying phenomenon. He used many medications and supplements to get rid of it, but he could not. They said it is caused even by psychological reasons. He tried the psychological treatments to change himself in order to get rid of it, but nothing changed.

I knew he didn’t do it well, that’s why he came to me and asked me for the solution. Now, after just few months, he feels that his fingers are so much better. Here, I gathered for you dear readers anything you need to know about fingertips peeling.

Let us get started with the causes of skin disorder:

Many possible things may have an effect on creating the peeling in the fingers. Those tips, things that you may be doing in your daily life and cause you fingertips peeling, you really need to consider avoid them. And here they are;

Sunburn during summer or hot days might cause your finger’s skin to peel off as well as any other part of your skin. If you expose yourself to the sun too much, it will cause your body to get rid of this skin and get a new one, this is how it shall peel off. Even it is healthy if your skin peels off, you cannot avoid that it is irritating. So, if you see that your skin peeling is irritating you once you get to the sun, then you need to take into consideration that you have to stay away of the intense sun.

Skin infection also is a reason why your skin gets peeling. Some people might have their skin infected but things that looks normal, but it might cause your skin to peel off as well as your fingertips’ skin.

Allergies from anything related to the skin such as against dust, chemical products, pets, or anything else, also can cause your skin to react by peeling off. So, whenever you feel that something is causing your skin allergies, try to avoid them, for getting rid of both; allergy and skin peeling.

Sucking your fingers is a common reason that causes such irritation. You might notice that little kids and babies get their fingertips peeling easily and too much if they suck their fingers. The reason why the skin peels off when it is being sucked is that the skin is characterized by sensitivity and softness. Therefore, if you suck your fingers you must be sure that your fingertips shall peel off.

Eczema is one of the most common conditions that cause the fingertips peeling. It is a skin disorder that many people develop; eventually they have bad skin peeling in their sensitive areas of their skin.

However, in order to know what are the exact causes and for more knowing of the causes of our skin disorder today, try to read my other article about why are my fingertips peeling?.

Let us have a look on the symptoms of the fingertips peeling:

The sooner you know symptoms of a disorder, the better and healthier it is for you. The symptoms are the way that you can diagnose any disorder yourself to find remedies for yourself as soon as possible. Here are the common symptoms of this skin disorder:

  • When you notice that your skin around your fingertips is dry whenever you wash your hands frequently, you use medications, or you use harsh soaps.
  • You feel that your fingertips’ skin is being so sensitive and soft, more than usual.

Beside the softness and sensitivity, you shall experience itching as well.

In addition, the skin can become red and blotch around your fingertips.

  • When you see that your skin around the fingertips is becoming so dry, you will notice some of your fingertips are beginning to peel.

Now, we arrived to one of the most important parts of the article, remedies to get rid of fingertips peeling:

This skin disorder is so much irritating and annoying for many people. If it is not treated well it might cause such serious effects as pain. So, the best way to treat it is to learn how to do it yourself. The home remedies are so much better than medications. If you ask me why, I shall say that the medications might worsen the problem. Therefore, here are best remedies for you to try them:

  • Warm water;

If you find yourself having the fingertips peeling, try to use the warm water to wash your hands. Why warm water? You may ask! Well, the warm water has several effects on the skin that is having this kind of condition. Studies and scientific researches proved those effects.

And here they are; The warm water can go through the dry skin, which is a kind of the skin peeling off.

After soaking the hands in warm water, the dry skin will start to fall off.
Warm water help to moisturize the skin, and for the best result of moisturizing, some natural ingredients shall help such as honey or olive oil.

  • Gently dry the hands:

This is so simple. Besides washing your hands with warm water, always use gentle towels to dry your hands and your infected areas softly and gently. This will let your infected area not truly dried, so it shall recover sooner. It is better to keep the moisturize, if you use it to dry your hands, behind your hands and dry it from the back.

However, it is highly recommended  to use a piece of clothes or a soft towel to dry off your hands.

Now, let us talk about some remedies and supplements that you shall use for the treatment. And here they are;

You can use cucumber, which is known to heal the infected areas of peeling.

Olive oil is another natural supplement that you can use to treat the fingertips peeling.

Drinking more water shall help your skin recover easily and it shall help your infected area gets rid of the infection.

Oats is also another kind of natural remedies that you can use. It is advised to use the oats with the warm water to treat your fingertips.

Mint juice is also another one; this ingredient contains many healthy effects on the skin health.

Honey is one of the best things that you can use to treat your hands and your fingertips if their skin peels off.

Banana is a fruit that can be used in many kind of treatments, and for the fingertips peeling it can be a great solution.

There are too many ingredients that be used to treat the infection. The treatments include different tips and natural ingredients, just exactly as it is mentioned before in the article above. Just follow those tips and you shall be recovered the sooner the better.




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  1. tracey noble June 7, 2016 at 3:49 am - Reply

    I have had peeling fingertips for years and this is the most useful website I’ve come across so far regarding diagnosis and treatment, thank you.

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