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Heart attack symptoms women

Heart attack symptoms In women

Certainly, heart attack is the most terrifying disease. Everyone is afraid of it, because it does not give you the chance to save your life, and within few moments you shall be gone. Especially women, who do not know how to react when they feel that they are having heart attack. They just over react to it, which leads it to end their lives quickly.

Heart attack symptoms women

Heart attack symptoms women

That is why I want to help those women who are afraid of this danger; through giving them the very well-known heart attack symptoms women, in order to make them aware of what would happen, when would it happen and how would it happen!

If it happens that you see any of the following symptoms, just get your phone and call for emergency. There is a mistake that people do when they have heart attack, which might be the reason for their death most of the time. They do not use that short while when they get heart attack, when they are still conscious, to call the emergency and help. They just go crazy and over react. This mistake can be more killing than the heart attack itself.

The most important to do if you see yourself facing the heart attack symptoms women, is to call emergency, call 911 so that they can immediately take you to the emergency room in the hospital to treat you by a specialist.

Many women can get confused about what are the symptoms of heart attack, because they mix it with the chest pain, stomach indigestion or arthritis pain! So, make sure that you know very well the exact symptoms of heart attack to let yourself aware of it, so that you can know exactly what to do in that case.

Here are the Heart attack symptoms women:

Feeling discomfort or having chest pain:

This is the most common heart attack symptom of all symptoms, but some women can have it differently from others and men. The pain is not specifically in the left side (heart’s side), but in all the chest, and it feels like squeezing or fulling. It is a feeling of discomfort and it feels like a vise being so tightened, according to a doctor in the University of California, San Francisco.

Stomach terrible pain:

There are other different stomach pains that people mistake in recognizing them from the heart attack pain; such as stomach ulcer, the flu or the heartburn chest pain. So, all you have to know is that the feeling of the stomach pain of heart attack is not the same as the other pains. It feels exactly like a very heavy animal as an elephant is stepping on your stomach.

Your arm, neck, jaw or back experiencing pain:

As the first symptom, this pain is widely known within women, more than men. The pain appears suddenly and gradually, and the woman who experiences it, gets confuse of which arm is experiencing pain unlike jaw, neck and back, they know which one is having pain. If you are asleep it might feel like waxing and waning before it become strong and intense, it might wake you up immediately. Many doctors recommend people very highly to report any kind of pain in the up part of the body, above the waist, and go to immediately see the doctor and specialist to be careful of having any kind of threatening heart attack symptom.

Feeling Fatigue or Exhausted:

Some women, who are risked to have heart attacks, keep feeling tired and a terrible fatigue. Although they might be sitting, and having a rest, relaxed; doing no activity. An American doctor said that the patients she treated complained of having a great tiredness, especially in their chest, they cannot even do anything so simple like walking from a room to another. This can be a very dangerous symptom.

Having Nausea and breathing hardly:

The heart attack symptoms women are usually accompanied by this one of having troubles in breath. So, if you feel that you breathe so hard and you already experienced one of the other symptoms, just use what you have in your muscles of energy and get the phone and call 911. This will help you save your life.

Additionally to the hard breaths, there is Sweating:

One of the heart attack symptoms women that people should be totally aware of it is breaking out in sweating. The results of getting out in the heat and exercising is sweating, and if you see yourself sweating more than usual, beside the hard perspiration, then call the emergency immediately for saving your life.

In order to make it clearer and shorter for you to understand the most serious heart attack symptoms women and know them all, to be ready for any sudden dangerous situation. Here are the symptoms:

Feeling a terrible pain in the center of your chest.

Squeezing, feeling fullness and uncomfortable.

Pain in one arm, or both arms, neck, jaw or the back.

Hard breathing and shortness in breath.

Breaking out in a cold sweating or nausea/ vomiting.

Both men and women experience the symptoms of discomfort and terrible chest pain, but women are more possible to have the other symptoms.

Those latest short symptoms should be kept always in mind, so that everyone is aware of the consequences follow them. In order to keep yourself alive and safe from this serious dangerous and deadly disease or pain, you have to call the emergency as soon as you notice those symptoms especially if they were two symptoms. And if you feel that you usually get one of those in your daily life, then you have to go and see your doctor or a specialist in the heart attacks.

To go no farther, I would highly recommend people who are afraid of the heart attacks, to have more healthy life, and to follow a healthy diet, to have some exercising and to change your lifestyles. Be careful, and keep the emergency always close to you, not only for the heart attacks, but also for any threatening disease or danger that you may face in your life.

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