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The easy way to lose extra weight (anorexia diet)

how to become anorexic 1

how to become anorexic 1

The most effective method to Become Anorexic Thin

I have seen so many people got attention to the eating disorder that is called « anorexia nervosa ». This disorder that prevents the patient from eating and starving till he/she becomes extremely skin. It happens due to the false idea about oneself. They usually think that they are fat and they are not attractive, so that they prevent themselves from eating in order to be skinny, thin, fit, and pretty. It I an eating disorder, but basically considered a mental disorder.

There are several people who take it as an advantage and they try to learn how to become anorexic.

The people who are not affected by the disorder and want to get affected are trying to lose their weight quickly and so fast. Those people might try to do it themselves just by noticing what the patient of the disorder already doing. What they do not know is that this might be extremely dangerous and unhealthy.

They are highly threatened to develop other physical and mental disorder and conditions. That is why we aim to help those people.Our main goal here today is to show people who are interested how to become anorexic following the healthiest possible way.

There is a healthy, medically tested, and scientifically proved method to know how to become anorexic and that is what we are depending on today to tell you the best way to get rid of your weight so quick. I have seen some people reacting to this method saying it does not work and they said that they tried it for two or three days but nothing changed. I say to those people, you are not in a magic world that you will lose all the fats you have in your body in a blink of an eye.

This is the real world, and anything takes time. This method will not work for you between a night and a day. It does take time. Anything healthy takes little time.

Then, why would we call it the fastest way to lose weight? Simply, because this is extremely fast comparing to any other healthy weight loss diet. If you weigh too much and you want to decrease the weight, this is the fastest way up to now. You do not have to take any medications or anything else.

In order to know how to become anorexic, you need to follow very several and serious rules and methods. You should make those rules before you start the diet and before you start working on your weight.

First thing, we all know that anorexia nervosa is a very serious mental and eating disorder. Therefore, if you want to be one, you should seriously take into consideration visiting a doctor and seeing what he would say. There are some conditions that cannot have the disorder or develop the method even to try it. It might be very affective on your health. It leads to very dangerous and intensive health disorder if not following professionally and without the doctor consult.

Because learning how to become anorexic is not an easy task, we consider that you consult the doctor to see your health stability first. Why do we keep insisting on visiting the doctor?

Simply, the people, who have some chronic and serious conditions or diseases such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, or any similar disease, might cause worsening their conditions and so that they might even destroy their own body.

Here are the tips and Methods you should follow to learn how to become anorexic:

  • Get yourself ready and prepare for what is coming:

What you should know when we mention that you have to be prepared and ready is simply few rules that you have to write down and RESPECT them during the diet. You have to make sure that you imagine or design the shape of body you want to be. I highly recommend that you have someone beside you such as a best friend, a relative, or anyone you trust. Make sure that you have the picture of the next you in your mind and focus on it.

how to become anorexic 2


The brain and the body are not working together when it comes to feeling hunger. The hunger is a very strong bad feeling that might control your mind even your body does not need it necessarily. Therefore, you have to control this feeling before it controls you.

We found that there are few different types of how to become anorexic, which are depending on the duration of time. If you feel like you want to lose the weight too fast there are tips to follow and you will become in very short very thin, but I do not advice this way. You need to be patient and take some few weeks then you can become anorexic.

After making the rules, focusing on the picture, and choosing your best diet to follow, you can go to the following tip about how to become anorexic.

The type of diet you have to follow:

When we mention the term of how to become anorexic, people get in their minds ‘quit food’. if you ask someone who have a surface knowledge of the disorder about how to become anorexic, he will say ‘just quit eating and foods, and you will be thin as you want’. This kind of advice does not work. Why? Well, simply because ‘quitting foods’ means dying. Your body needs energy and needs to live. You cannot let your body to depend on what you already have in it only.

We know that how to become anorexic is how to make your body eats itself. If you make your body eat itself, you will lose control and you will eventually cause it to make you ‘die’. That is not what we aim to do today; to make people kill themselves. Therefore, what is the best way to become anorexic? It is by having a diet to follow.

Here are the most common diets to follow. Pick up one that suits you and you shall be simply learning how to become anorexic easily:

The baby weight loss Food plan:

So far, this is one of the best diets that have been found in how to become anorexic. There are some Hollywood stars who did this diet to become what they are. It was found effective as much as any other diet. This diet works on the plan of eating only the same food that a baby does. Simply, eat like a baby.

how to become anorexic 3Become Anorexic Baby food plan:

There are specific nutritious jars made only for babies and infants, try to have them and include them in your diet. The diet works on the same foods plan given for a baby. Therefore, you should obviously avoid the foods or drinks that adults or teens eat, such as alcohol, coffee, tea, snacks, and junk foods.

During this diet, you will certainly feel that you are starving, but do not give up and let the hunger controls you. Remember, this diet is so healthy for you, because it is still nutritious and healthy even you do not eat that much. It will keep you away from calories and other unhealthy things.

There are some exceptions that you feel like you cannot handle it, then you might eat a meal a day. Do not weaken in front of the foods and hunger. Keep yourself up and strong. Fight for your dream.

Become Anorexic:  five-bite Plan:

This diet is simply healthy for those people who want to learn how to become anorexic. From the name of it, you may guess how it works and what is based on.

Usually, people have three meals during a day, and so you will. You will not have one meal or baby food meal as we mentioned in the previous plan, but you will have your three meals. The only and the most important change in this plan is that you will have to eat ONLY five bites of food in each meal. Do not take any more than five bites in breakfast, lunch, and in dinner.

The nutrition experts who planned this diet did not specify the foods you should take during those meals. But, certainly you will have to eat something nutritious and healthy, and of course, stay away of calories, sugar, and fats.

For the drinks, you may drink as much as you like, but stay away of calories drinks. Obviously, the only drink you will feel like to drink is water.

how to become anorexic 4

We said that you have to stay away of calories, but not vitamins and proteins. Therefore, try to get some supplements that can provide you the healthy amount of vitamins and proteins.

This is a perfect diet to have your dream shape as soon as possible.

Become Anorexic Diet: The Air weight loss plan:

This method to lose weight and to learn how to become anorexic is considered the easiest one. Simply, stay away of any kind of the solid foods, drink only drinks. They called it the ‘air’ plan, because they mean that you already eat a large amount of air instead of foods. You may have your regular meals, but what you should put in them is only a soup or water. That is you food from the day you start the diet plan.

Many people used this diet and they reported good results. But, you should keep in mind that his diet is a short-term diet and it does not last for so long. Otherwise, you will literary ‘starve’ and if you stay stubborn you might cause yourself dying or causing serious health disorders.

Become Anorexic Diet : Exercising is a good way too:

Even if you do not quite a lot in your diet, you should keep exercising. You will drink more water, but that is good for you. Exercising will help to burn more calories you keep in your body. that is why it is considered a very good and effective way in learning how to become anorexic.

Become Anorexic Diet :Water is extremely necessary:

You will give up on many other foods, but certainly, you will not give up on water. Keep drinking water as much as you need. The water has several effects on your body and your health. It is so healthy for your skin, your organs, your kidneys, and many other parts such as the heart. If you are already following an anorexic diet for so long, or you aim to do so, I advise you to drink some fruit juices instead of water sometimes.

In order to learn more about how to become anorexic, try to have a look on my previous articles about how to be anorexia nervosa. Those articles talk about how to become literary developing the disorder of anorexia nervosa in order to lose weight.

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