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6 Mental Tips to Fight Depression

How to fight depression mentally:

Of course, and who doesn’t know about depression, a mental condition that causes a lot of troubles. Isn’t it one of the most widespread psychological disorders in the world? It makes a part of the bipolar disorder as well. Depression; a feeling that terrifies most of us and a disorder of which we worry about a lot. Who doesn’t enjoy being a part of mind bliss? Depression is what stands against us in this part. Not only depression actually, but many other negative feelings.



However, we are not here to discuss how to distinguish between depression as a feeling and as a disorder. We aim to provide depressed people (either just a feeling, or a disorder) with all the mental tricks and mental tips to get rid of this emotion. There is no doubt that there are plenty of various medications and medicines that help relieve the symptoms of depression. But, if there is something natural, and we can do it easily ourselves, why would we bother to look for a medication that may reflect on us with serious side effects?

The behavioral, mental, and emotional changes that experts talk about, and which we brought here, are even more effective than some medications. They do not require any special training, but some simple changes in the habits and lifestyle. We call them mind tricks. Here are those tricks coming:

  • Say that you are depressed!

If you feel like your life, as some might call it, sucks, then there is no benefit from denying it. Do not deny that you are depressed or going through hard times. This will only worsen your situation. Many people might lie to themselves and others; they think that avoid admitting being depressed will help to get rid of the symptoms. That is not quite true. Instead of confession their depression, they believe that they are crazy or even weak. This is a bad mistake. Thinking this way will just take you to deeper sensations and feelings, while admitting your situation will certainly improve your situation.

Generally speaking, if you admit that you are depressed, you open yourself for the treatments and aid, which may help you so much. Pretending is just a mask that worsen the inner us, so it is better that you are more frank with people (close people) about your feelings and emotions.

  • Do not draw your thoughts with black!

Usually, when a person feels depressed, he/ she starts thinking of himself/ herself as a loser, a failure, unloved, jobless, weak, and other negative thoughts. Well, all those thoughts only worsen your situation. Do not cover yourself with negativity. Negativity only brings more negativity, which is not a good choice if you are looking for a better treatment of any improvement. Sadness and Depression bring only darkness to your thoughts. Dark thoughts only bring you more depression and sadness. So, get rid of the black thoughts and cheer up, so that you improve your life. You will lose your ability to improve. You will just stand where you are. Instead of thinking like ‘none cares for you or loves you’, think how many people love you and care for you. Do not think badly about yourself. if you do not love yourself, how –the hell- are expecting people to love you?

  • Do not ruminate too much!

Depressed people or most likely people to get depressed always overthink of some events and things that happened recently in their lives such as an argument or a fight with a friend or anyone. This is a very bad habit, which is known actually as rumination. Getting yourself stuck in those thoughts and overthinking will get nothing but making it worse for you. This way of thinking will make you get stuck to more depression and more sadness.

Rumination is the opposite of reflection. If you suddenly discover yourself into rumination, it is better that you do something like a meditation or even try to drive your thoughts away. Occupy your mind with something else. This shall give your mind a new target to think about so that you avoid the depression feelings.

  • Past is the past, and present is now, so get over it and don’t say in what’s gone:

Regret, as some communities call it, is a part of devil. It is completely meaningless and pointless to keep regretting thing you hadn’t done and you keep telling yourself that it would be better if you have done that and that. There is no meaning of ‘if only…’ or ‘I wish I….’. why would you live in the past and in things you had not done before? The past is gone and the future is what is coming. So, learn from those mistakes of the past to build a better future. Live your present and forget changing the past, because even Einstein and Hawking did not believe in time travel. You will never be able to go back and fix this and that.

You have to accept it that way. Be proud of what you did whatever it is, because it makes a part of your life and made you learn a lot. This rumination again worsens your feeling of depression, so that you have to make sure you get rid of it.

  • Get back your pleasurable moments!

When you feel that you are so sad and depressed, with the will inside you to change that, you have to get a piece of paper and a pen. Why the paper and pen? Well, this is how you can get back all the enjoyable and pleasurable activities, which you used to do before; and you backed up on them later when you got depression. Make sure that you try to do the same things again. It might feel unusual and odd, but keep trying. If you could be more socialist and open to a friend to help you with that, it will be so great and so much better. Bring the fun back!

  • Now to the future; goal right!

Make sure that you get another piece of paper, and cite for  yourself some goals to reach. Make easy and simple goals such as writing two article by the end of the week or even joining gym class, and so on. Then, make sure you do your best to achieve them. This will help you relieve all the negative feelings and you shall feel better. You will become more realistic and funnier than before. Do not make stupid hard goals such as owning a car by the end of the month. Make sure the goals are simple and most importantly ‘smart’.

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