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Ingrown Toenail Remedies

Easy Ingrown Toenail Remedies

One of the best looks for a woman is to have long nails, and to paint them with her favorite colors according to her shoes or her clothes. And also to look spectacular, she always tries to have beautiful toenails as much as her fingernails are.

Ingrown Toenail Remedies

Ingrown Toenail Remedies

But unfortunately so many women have the problem of the ingrown toenails. This is not only a women’s issue, but men also might have this issue and suffer from those ingrown nails, and start looking for ingrown toenail remedies; either home remedies, treatments and other surgeries and medications to get rid of them.

To know the exact and perfect ingrown toenail remedies you have to know how severe this ingrown toenail is. This is how you shall know the treatment to follow it, and to help you know the exact appropriate remedy for your case.

This issue is really irritating and it hurts too much in some cases, when the toenail grows into the skin around it. It bleeds and causes other troubles; sometimes you cannot even wear your shoe. So to eliminate this problem you have to go choose between different kind of remedies, such as conservative remedies, surgery treatment, and bracing the nail.

However, let us start with some ingredients and goods that you shall use for treatment and remedies to help your toenails grow, if they don’t, but not in the case of having irritation such as growing into the skin, most of them are natural and fruits. And those remedies you can even use them for fingernails. Well, here they are:

Use the olive oil: this oil keep your nails really moisturized and promote you them to grow. There is nothing else that can be better in looking after your nails. And its high level of Vitamin E helps to improve your blood circulation. And how to use it, just massage your nails in a warm quantity of the olive oil for over five minutes and then wear some gloves made of cotton the whole night.

Orange juice: the orange juice contains the vitamin C that helps to improve the collagen production and keeps your nails healthy. And to use it, you have put your nails into the orange juice for more than ten minutes, then wash them using warm water, follow it till you get what you want.

Lemons: aside with the orange juice, lemon contains a very good level of the vitamin C and it provides help and care for the nails. You have just to use a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with three tablespoons of olive oil and soak your nails into the mixture for at least ten minutes. Do it every day.

There are numerous other remedies that you can use for the nail growth and strength such as coconut oil, biotin, horsetail, flaxseed oil, tomatoes, and others. But, the main goal for the article is not attached to the nail care but to the ingrown toenail remedies. So as I mentioned before the surgery, the conservative, and the brace. Here they are:

About the conservative ingrown toenail remedies:

In many cases, it was possible to help the ingrown toenails to grow with the conservative treatments (the above remedies can be included), such as treating the nails with mixing salt into warm water and soak the nails within it, to make a gutter splint where the nail shall grow into, or to use some ointments like the antibacterial ones. Those treatments can conserve the nail growth. But if the nail is growing into the skin, then the surgery is really recommended and required.

Now about the surgery treatments of ingrown toenail remedies:

The ankle and foot specialists are the ones who do the surgeries for the ingrown toenails. So you are highly required to see a specialist if you have this problem instead of looking in the previous ingrown toenail remedies. But, if the case does continue, then you have to do a matrixcestomy to which is done through some chemicals or excisions. You shall use the antibiotics too, but they are not so recommended because they might delay the toenails healing.

And about the bracing of ingrown toenail remedies:

The bracing toenail is not a very common remedy for the ingrown toenails. This method shall last for over half a year and sometimes even a year. There are two types of bracing nail; hooked bracing and adhesive.  Since this treatment is not so effective and not used commonly, I shall not talk about it, because I found that it is better that you don’t use it.

Here is an addition for the ingrown toenail remedies:

Use a ball of cotton:

As it was mentioned before, get very warm water, as much as you can bear it, and soak your foot in it after mixing with it the Epsom salt. Do this remedy for at least two times each day, and it shall help your nails to soften which might stop the growth into your skin and prevent infection. Get a ball of cotton, and your tweezers beside a pointy thing to hold the parts of the nails that you cannot reach with tweezers. Then cut and trim those nails, and take so much more care of the ingrown areas. Be sure to cut every single pointy side of the toenail and cut it perfectly.

Get the pointy thing and make sure to separate a little bit your nails from the skin (rise it not separate), in order to put some cotton between them. This is how you can prevent the nail from coming back to grow in your skin. Use the ointments that stop the infection and this shall help you. When you are at home try to let your toes have some air, through avoiding shoes and socks.

Keep changing the cotton every day to avoid the infection, and to make sure that the ingrown toenails are back to grow.

There are many other treatments that can help your to prevent the infection of ingrown toenails, but the previously mentioned are the ones that I thought should be mentioned and worth to talk about them.

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