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Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

Metabolic Syndrome Diet Plan

Metabolic Syndrome Diet plan | Best Diet for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is also referred to as dysmetabolic syndrome, metabolic disease or Syndrome X. It is a term used to mean a group of several conditions for a cluster of conditions, including obesity of the abdomen, high levels of triglyceride, high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure or low cholesterol level (HDL). A person is diagnosed to have Metabolic Syndrome when that person shows signs of any three or more of the above stated risky factors.

It is also approximated that 85% of people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes also suffer from metabolic syndrome. Such people have a very high risk of developing heart-related diseases as compared to those with only Type 2 Diabetes but not Type 2 Metabolic Syndrome. This implies that natural methods used to treat Type 2 Diabetes are also applicable in treatment of Metabolic Syndrome disease.

This condition affects more than 40% of all individuals above 60 years of age. Unfortunately, this does not imply that the metabolic rate is either slow or that it is whack. Metabolic Syndrome is therefore a metabolic disorder which involves three or more of the health issues occurring together in the same person at the same time: Abdominal obesity, increased levels of triglyceride, high levels of blood sugar or low levels of DHL cholesterol.

Screening of Metabolic Syndrome

Screening is a process of evaluating possibilities that a person is suffering from metabolic syndrome. There are several indicators that can help point out presence of metabolic syndrome in an individual. Generally, having metabolic syndrome damages blood vessels and also increases risks of suffering from diabetes, strokes, heart attack, kidney diseases, dementia, visual impairment, fatty liver and other more woes.

An individual with metabolic syndrome should have three or more of the following cretaria;

When the resting blood pressure is above 130/85, or when an individual is presently on medications to lower blood pressure When the circumference of the waist is more than 35 inches for women and above 40 inches for men. The position usually measured is usually one inch above the part of the pelvic bone that is highest. HDL-good cholesterol usually below 40mg/ dL among men and 50mg/dL among women.

Also for those who are currently on medications that increase the HDL cholesterol levels When the fasting level of triglyceride is above 150 mg/dL or when a person is on the ongoing medications to lower triglyceride. However, this level has been lowered by The American Heart Association to 100mg/dL. When the fasting level of glucose is above 100mg/dL

Meaning of Metabolism:

Metabolism is refers to normal biochemical functioning of the body. For those individuals suffering from the condition of Metabolic syndrome, the body is at a high risk of failing to carry out important metabolic processes. This condition can worsen gradually and at its elevated condition can cause death. However, it conveys a feeling of relief that there is a way out of this deadly condition. Once you have developed metabolic syndrome, that is not the end of you. It is a curable and preventable condition.

There are several natural means of preventing and reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome condition in the body. The following metabolic syndrome diet plan was proposed by the health specialists and dietitians as being able to prevent or reduce instances of metabolic syndrome condition.

Foods that Relieve Metabolic Syndrome

Persons suffering from metabolic syndrome or those at a high risk of getting it are strongly advised to eat the food types described below.

1. Fish and Omega-3 Foods

The Omega-3 nutrients can be obtained from the wild-caught and cold-water fish. It has been proven to help in regulating the rate of heartbeat, blood pressure levels and to decrease the formation of blood clots while reducing inflammation in general. All these leads to minimal risks of developing heart attack and stroke. Omega 3 foods also reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Other omega 3 food types include walnuts, beef and flax-seeds.

2. Vegetables 

Dark and leafy green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, carrots and cabbage are some of the best vegetables that can substantially assist to reduce the incidences of metabolic syndrome. They contain phytonutrients and anti-oxidant that prevent diseases and prevent the body against inflammation. They are therefore highly recommended as a beneficial part of the metabolic syndrome diet plan.

In the US, it was found that eating of avocados by the victims of metabolic syndrome is a clinically approved dietary practice,. This is because the fruit is beneficial to the gut. Clever combination of these vegetables including vegetable and fruit salad provides body with the required vitamins and nutrients that assists in reducing incidences of metabolic syndrome.

3. Fruits

Fruits may be similar as vegetables in terms of nutritional composition but they are unique in such a way that they can be eaten raw, and also they do not need combination with other food types to be consumed. They taste very sweet especially when eaten ripe. The help us to prevent and eliminate metabolic syndrome. Some of them include oranges, apples, bananas, pears and prunes.

It is recommended that persons affected with metabolic syndrome rely heavily on these and other fruits on a regular basis as a way to eliminate the condition. Recent research about pomegranate asserted that it poses hypoglycaemic effect, including high sensitivity of insulin.

4. Legumes

Some of them include lentils, kidney beans, chick peas, lima beans and black eyed peas. They are excellently approved to help in maintaining stable level of blood sugar and also keeping trim the waistline. They help to prevent metabolic syndrome as well.

5. Whole Grains 

Whole grains are also beneficial in preventing metabolic syndrome. Most beneficial ones include brown rice and oatmeal among others. They have been proven beyond doubt to prevent diabetes and also improve heart health. They form a good composition of other important foods that prevent metabolic syndrome.

Apart from the above give types of food, there are more food supplements that are known to be very beneficial in relieving metabolic syndrome and its associated dangers. These supplements are briefly described below:

1. Ginseng, Bitter melon and Bernerine 

Bitter melon and berberine are mostly used as a composition of medicine in China.
In the 2009 published research, they are important natural savers to metabolic syndrome.

They aid in regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism. They have a direct positive impact on the management of body weight

2. Holy Basil

Researchers from Home Science department in the University of Agriculture and Technology-Azad in India conducted a research to investigate the effect of the leaves of holy basil on the blood serum cholesterol and glucose levels in human beings found out that only basil was able to cause improvement in controlling the level of blood glucose content. It also slightly improved the levels of cholesterol. This implies that using basil as supplements is a safe and useful way to prevent diabetes and its associated complications which occurs as a result of metabolic syndrome.

3. Spirulina

Spiruluna has hycocyanin pigment. This pigment has been discovered by scientists to contain effects that are antihypertensive. This implies is able to lower high blood pressure. Japanese researchers explain that it is because eating algae helps to reverse endothelial dysfunction in the metabolic syndrome.

4. Maca Root

It increases the level of glutathione in the body, this not only improves the body’s immune system and resistance against diseases, but also assists to balance required cholesterol levels in body. It also significantly helps to improves glucose- tolerance. This is by lowering glucose levels in the blood. This improves heart conditions e.g. diabetes, metabolic syndrome and reduces incidences of heart-related illness.

Natural ways on how to Treating Metabolic Syndrome

1. Essential Oils 

Essential oils like grapefruit, ginger and cinnamon are important in treating metabolic syndrome. Essential oil in grapefruit works with our body to activate enzymes that enable our bodies to break down the brown fat of the body. Cinnamon oil on the other hand is known to regulate the levels of glucose in the blood and the GTF. This shows that cinnamon oil is important in helping people with diabetes.

Ginger oil works to reduces cravings for sugar and also helps to prevent inflammation in body. Losing weight should be done alongside reducing inflammation. Digestion and nutrient absorption should also be supported. Ginger oil helps the body to do all these.

2. Burst Training

Burst training is process of getting rid of excess stomach fats. It is important in attempting to treat metabolic syndrome. Burst training conditions our bodies to burn fats naturally. It is done by taking routine vigorous exercises at a maximum effort of 90 to 100% within just 30-60 seconds. Then the rate is slowed down to low impact for 30-60 seconds again and finally, bump it up again.

3. Lose Weight 

Through a good diet and physical exercise, weight loss can help lower blood pressure and insulin resistance. This helps to control metabolic syndrome.

4. Stop Smoking

Cigarette smocking has very serious health consequences. It can elevate the effects of metabolic syndrome and increase possibilities of suffering from heart related diseases and complications.


Metabolic syndrome has increasingly grown as a serious health risk, especially in relation to heart attack, which is one of the major killer diseases across the globe. It is a lifestyle condition which can be worsened or reduced by the kind of life we lead on a regular basis. Its prevention is therefore upon us to work out ways of completely eliminating this condition. The above discussed metabolic syndrome diet plan is essential to consider as one of the techniques of doing away with the menace completely.

The bottom-line of preventing metabolic syndrome is simply by losing excess weight, by regularly engaging the body in physical exercise and also by managing the diet. This diet is generally focused on foods which have low calorie levels and with high fiber foods content as discussed in the food diet above

Over 100 medical studies in medical journals have concluded that this diet plan and regular exercise acts as a one to two punch on metabolic syndrome and thus prevents and controls this major killer condition in the US, including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and hypertension.

If you have ever thought of magically killing metabolic syndrome easily, The above dietary program and regular exercise should be your magic bullet.

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