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Natural anti-inflammatory supplements

natural anti inflammatory

natural anti inflammatory

Inflammation is a form or a human defense against the dangerous bodies. Anyone would get it at a time or another. It is consider it something natural and we should not worry too much about it, unless it interrupts with one of the main bodily functions. You would/ will certainly have this condition at least once in your lifetime.

In fact, you may be at risk of having it for so long, but you are not aware of this. As a treatment and natural ‘stand’ against any worsening case of inflammation, you should know any possible natural anti inflammatory that shall help you get rid of it, without any dependence on or use of produced anti-inflammatory hat might bring serious side effects.

Actually, Inflammatory is a main part of the human protection; human immunity system. If you do not get inflamed, your body will not be able to heal itself. But, if this inflammation surpasses the limits and become uncontrolled, then you are at a high risk, which may cause you a critical case. This may cause you damages and harms in your body. The damages may be kinds of diseases and conditions that affect the body such as the diabetes, heart diseases, or even cancers.

High-leveled foods of sugar may a cause or a main factor that increases your chance to develop  inflammation. Those kinds of foods lead the immunity system to work more than it should do, which causes several symptoms such as pains in the joints, feeling tired and fatigue, or troubles in your blood vessels.

What is the best natural anti inflammatory supplement?

Here are 6 natural anti inflammatory that have been shown to help reduce inflammation in some studies.

1- Nuts can do great in this job:

As a good food or natural anti inflammatory ingredient, the fats and nutrients that defeat inflammation are necessary. Nuts may be able to achieve this job perfectly. The reason why nuts is chosen, is because of the large amounts of several effective ingredients such as Vitamin E, Calcium, fibers antioxidants, Omega 3 fat, and many others. Almonds and walnuts are considered on the top. The nuts are a main part of the Mediterranean diet that all people know how effective is this kind of diets.

nuts are good anti inflammatory

nuts are good anti inflammatory

2- Ginger is also your friend in this mission:

This is mostly found in the Asian meals and diets. Yet, it can be found anywhere; either powdered or still like a fresh root. This food has been largely used for the treatments of several health conditions, such as headaches and stomachaches. Its benefits on fighting the inflammation have been proved through time and science highly support that.

3- Peppers are very good as well:

Who does not to add this beautiful colored and various kinds of vegetables named peppers? Not only the vegetable, but also the black pepper has been a very good natural anti-inflammatory itself too. You may add this last as a spicy to your meal, which adds both flavor and health benefits. The bell peppers are found in different shapes and different colors; they may be useful in defeating inflammation through the nutritious benefits. In the other hand, the spicy peppers such as black pepper, chili pepper, and others are commonly used in producing the anti-inflammatory. Therefore, both kinds of peppers are helpful for such purpose.

4- The Garlic and Onions are hot anti-inflammatory:

The garlic was used to treat several conditions, and the symptoms of the arthritis were the most common target of such use. Adding a little bit of this small veggie will help you to make your meal tasty and healthy. Its flavors and health benefits are quite numerous. Both onions and garlics have similar functions as the other produced anti-inflammatory such as the NSAIDs . So, adding them to your meal and dishes will make it a good natural anti-inflammatory.

Garlic anti inflammation

Garlic anti inflammation

5- Tomato can help too:

Who doesn’t know tomatoes? And the large arguments about it if it is considered in fruits category or vegetables. This is another good food to help for such issue. In fact, tomato does not work as anti-inflammatory with all people, but it can be a good one for many people. The reason why it is considered also a natural anti inflammatory is the richness of an ingredient known as lycopene. Lycopene was found a good nutrient to help reduce the inflammation in many people.

6-Fatty fish :

Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, or any other delicious oily or fatty fish were found a good natural inflammatory as well. Due to the high level of omega 3 fatty acids, the impact on inflammation was quite noticeable and effective. Such fish should be included in your diet. You may add them to several meals during your healthy weekly diet-plans. You should also pay the attention to the way you cook them. They should be cooked in a healthy and good way. However, in case you do not like fish or to eat them, take into consideration the use of the fish oils that you can buy from any nearby supermarket.

Add cinnamon to your dishes, not only for flavor:

We all know how beautifully-tasty are the dishes that include the cinnamon. It adds a unique flavor to the dish. Yet, this is not the only reason why should you consider using it (if you do not), or increase the use, but also the health benefits. This spicy functions like an anti inflammatory or anti-swelling too. Use it to add the unique spectacular flavor to your coffee, tea, breakfast, or any dish possible.

However, there are many other foods that can work perfectly as a natural anti inflammatory. We may mention so many such as the followings. Here are extra foods you should add to your diet:

  • Take into consideration eating the soy.
  • Clove is another healthy and anti inflammatory spicy.
  • Use more beets in your salads.
  • Not forgetting the turmeric, which helps too.
  • Use as much olive oil as you can.
  • Any kind of berries would be good for the diet.
  • The dark greenish leafy
  • Any kind of grains (in your bread or anything else) would help too.

Using Turmeric Root, An Immune Boosting Natural Anti-Inflammatory


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