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Heart Attack First Aid: what to Do?


First Aid During a Heart Attack Heart attack is a life-threatening emergency, which requires prompt action. It happens when the blood supply to the heart is suddenly blocked by a blood clot. As a result, the heart muscle gets starved for oxygen and begins to die. People with angina are more susceptible...


Alexithymia: Never felt anything!


Alexithymia – The Emotional Blindness When you got graduated from high school, or moved to a new house, you certainly felt so happy. This ‘feeling’ is the issue here. Many people do not feel anything at all. Have you ever experienced this? It seems like you have no emotional side. Have you...


Yoga Benefits during Pregnancy

yoga for pregnant woman

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy and Some of the Best Postures Pregnancy, being a unique period is one of the most hectic experiences in a woman’s life hence viewed with a lot of caution. It’s due to this reason that women who understand the wisdom of yoga strongly recommend it to those who...


Procrastination : Procrastinators why Delaying?


Procrastination: Why have I become a procrastinator?Procrastination is not laziness. Procrastination is something way different. It is connected to laziness, but they are no similar that much. This is one of the worst habits that a child or an adult may get. If you notice that our child is procrastinating,...


Learn about SleepWalking – The SleepWalkers!


Sleepwalking Causes, Symptoms, and TreatmentsHere is one of any mysterious things about sleeping. We may consider this as sleep disorder. We have talked about many of such disorders, and now we shall occupy one of the conditions that we consider it obscure. Through ancient history, people used to believe...

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AptaClub:  Aptaclub is considered to be one of the best places where we can know more about a child’s and mother’s nutrition needs. Their products and counseling are considered to be most renowned in United Kingdom. With the help Aptaclub we interact with the mothers, to-be-mothers and healthcare...


Violence Effects on Talented Children


Scholarly articles for Violence Effects on Talented ChildrenI do remember that my dad told me they used to be taught through being beaten every day if they do not learn the regular verbs or multiplication table. This may affect our children in many ways, but we, most of us, do not know those...


Student with Auditory Processing Disorder


What Is It Like to Be a Student with Auditory Processing Disorder?It is commonly known that being a student is never easy since it is followed by many obligations and requirements, first of which being to obtain knowledge and prepare for exams. Even those who did not have direct contact with the system...

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Prostates cancer Facts!

Prostate Cancer

About prostate cancer | Prostate Cancer We have talked in a previous article about some facts that you may have known before about cancer. Those were general ‘facts’ and ‘myths’, and the difference between each category, about cancer. But today, we are going to specify our article to include...

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Heart Health: What is Pericarditis?


What is Pericarditis? Pericarditis is an inflammation of the lining that surrounds the heart. It is a relatively common cardiac disorder that affects 5% of all heart disease sufferers, being more common in men. The condition affects people of all ages, but mostly occurs in young adults. The heart is...

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Asthma Attack Treatment Hypnosis

Asthma Attack Treatment Thanks To Hypnosis Asthma is a chronic situation that affects the respiratory system. During the course of an asthma attack, airways, which carry oxygen to and out of the lungs, tend to tighten and hence decrease the flow of oxygen coming to the lungs. The airways also become...


High-Fiber Foods You Must Eat!

High-Fiber Foods

High-Fiber Food And Health Many people underestimate the importance of high fiber-foods in healthy snacks for kids and athletes. Fiber is incredibly important when it comes to helping our bodies to function properly, as well as being a great aid in natural weight loss.The Role of High-Fiber Foods in...


Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple Personality Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Such disease and what it has of impacts over the world and in history, needs books and books to talk about it. This is what you may have heard called as ‘schizophrenia’. This misunderstanding always irritates us; when we hear someone in public mistakes the multiple...


Chili Peppers Health Effects

chili peppers health effects

Chili Peppers Nutrition facts and Health Benefits Certain foods are somehow better than others. We are not talking about the flavor or the taste, but the benefits and nutrients. You may have heard that famous quote says: an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. This is not precisely correct; I mean eating...


What Makes A Person To Become A Drug Addict?

Drug Addict

How Does Someone Become Addicted to Drugs? Drug addiction is possibly one of the most disgusting forms of addiction a person can ever suffer from, considering the fact that in worst circumstances it can have life-threatening consequences for the addict.Drug addiction is also called as a brain disease...


What to know about Stomach Flu!


Stomach FLU or Stomach Bug Who doesn’t hate to have that gut trouble? The stomach bug that irritates you and worsens your day! That bug will cause so many undesirable symptoms, which will certainly ruin your mood and your day. Symptoms and troubles such as nausea, diarrhea, throwing up, cramps, abdomen...