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Peeling Nails Causes

Peeling Nails Causes

Peeling, chipped nails can be such a bother. Peeling Nails causes are in plenty and may be due to medical or non-medical implications. The solution in getting to control this flaking is by clearly understanding what causes it in the first place. Peeling of fingernails may be a cause for alarm because it could be a sign of an underlying symptom.

Peeling Nails Causes

Peeling Nails Causes

It is also majorly caused by issues such as water, medication side-effects, soap, chemicals and issues of the manicure. Clearly understanding what causes your fingers to peel off is important in stopping it. Below are common causes of peeling fingernails.

Exposure to chemicals
Wrong handling of chemicals is a key peeling nails cause. Most chemicals are corrosive. This corrosive property may then be responsible for the peeling of your nails. Similarly, when handling chemicals, they might be entering your body through the nails. Chemicals can burn the outer layer of your skin and cause it to peel off. This is dangerous to both the fingernails and your body. No wonder it is advisable always to wear either latex or rubber gloves. Proper handling of chemicals is a great way of stopping the peeling.

Soap and water
When your nails are exposed to water and soapy solutions for long, they might start peeling. Natural oils and moisture are important to our fingernails. Exposure to water destroys and reduces these constituents in the skin. The nails will, therefore, react by drying up or start peeling.

Exposing the nails to water and soap is very harmful. It also causes the skin around the nails to be weak and soft. This makes it unable to hold up the nails properly. After removing the nails from water, the first reaction is to dry up and may start peeling off. Gloves are known to help prevent this.

Changing seasons
The human body is naturally created to adapt to various climate changes. However, changes in seasons are known to cause the body to react in a certain manner. For instance, these seasonal changes are known to be peeling nail causes. They are also known to cause drying of lips and attack by colds. Most people will experience these during the transition of the seasons. Winter is also known to lower humidity and cause the skin to dry therefore becoming brittle and peels.

Fungal infections
Common peeling nails causes are fungal infections. Yeasts will often live under the nails and multiply. They may be caused by dirt or due to nail polish cover. Fungus eats away keratin. Keratin is a protein component that helps the nails to become tough. A fungal infection tampers with these keratin proteins.

Inadequate supply of keratin to the nails due to a fungal infection will make them weak. As a result, you will start seeing the skin become brittle and peel off. Fungus attack and yeast infections are therefore common causes to look out for in case the nails start peeling off without any explainable cause.

Prescribed medications
Some prescribed medications come with side effects. It is therefore not surprising to find that some medications are known to be peeling nails causes. Medications are also known to deplete important nutrients in the skin and nails causing the nails to dry up and start peeling.

It is sad that these are prescriptions you can’t stopping taking. It is, however, helpful to go to the drug’s website for a record of its side effects. You will be surprised to find that the peeling could be as a result of taking these drugs.

In case, the medicine affects moisturizing you could keep them moisturized and use a gelatin solution. It is not advisable to stop taking the medications. You will need to talk to your doctor about an alternative or further advice.

Tough duties
Tough duties and chores are also some of the peeling nails causes. Your nails may be peeling off because you are subjecting them to too many strenuous duties at home or work! They may be protesting. Some chores and duties may be tough and cause considerable pressure and strain to the nails. The nails will react to this by either reddening or start peeling off.

This peeling off of nails can also be due to lack of protective gear when performing these difficult duties. Exposing the nails to sharp and rough objects and surfaces without gloves could be the cause of the peeling. If you are about to embark on hard chores, you could simply take care of your nails by wearing gloves to stop the feelings. Peelings make nails look ugly and unattractive!

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that affects the skin, in different parts of the body. These parts include the ear, genitalia, and the hands. It causes the affected regions to redden and scaly. These scales will look ugly and eventually peels off. This disease can also affect the fingernails.

The skin around the nails will redden, and it is common to see the nails start peeling off and drying up. In the case of this disease, it is always advisable to seek help from a dermatologist as quick as possible. This is to prevent other serious complications caused by this skin disease.

Insufficient Proteins/ Amino Acids
Keratin is essential proteins. Amino acids, on the other hand, are simply the building blocks of proteins. They are instrumental in making the nails tough and strong. Low intake of proteins may be a cause for alarm. This is because, without these proteins, the nails will likely become soft and brittle. This causes them to peel off.

Many will wonder how this nutritional component can be inadequate in the body. Vegans are likely to be taking little proteins. Dipping the fingers in a gelatin solution could prove helpful in making the skins strong and yet pliable. Increased intake of proteins will greatly reduce the peeling off of the nails. Peeling nails causes such as issues of diet can be simply tackled.

Underlying illnesses
There are a couple of diseases which causes the skin to peel off. Anemia and hypothyroidism are common medical conditions known as peeling nails causes. When one experiences flaking of nails, no assumption should be made. It may be an important symptom of an underlying ailment. It could then be used in the checking and diagnosis of the underlying conditions.

Lack of vitamins and minerals
Just as is the case with proteins, vitamins and minerals play an important role in nail growth and development. Insufficient vitamins and mineral in the body are also known to make the list of peeling nails causes. Vitamin B, sulfur and biotin are instrumental to the development of the fingernails and the skin. Eating a diet lacking these nutrients may be the reason your nails are peeling off. These may lack in a meal because most foods taken nowadays are processed. This processing is known to reduce these supplements in a serving by a great margin. Additional servings of fruits and raw vegetables could help alleviate the deficiency.

It is no doubts that manicure treatments make your nails look awesome. But did you know these nail treatments may be possible peeling nails causes? Peeling Nail solutions and nail strengtheners do contain a lot of chemicals. Although most of them are designed to prevent nail peeling and breaking, some of them are known to make the nails break and peel.

Formaldehyde that is found in most nail strengtheners is notorious for causing the peeling and breaking of nails. While out to make your nails look wonderful, you need to be careful not to place them at risk of breaking and peeling. You will do your nails and indeed your entire body by going for manicure products without toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde.

Fake nails aftermath
Fake nails make a great impression. However, once you remove the acrylic nails, you will realize your natural nails will change. They will become paper thin will a high likelihood of them peeling off. They may then take some time to grow again. This will require your patience.

You could also boost their growth with proper non-formaldehyde strengtheners, vitamin and protein-rich diet and adequate moisturizers. Although they will take some time, a new nail layer will develop over the peeled one. You could then get your lovely nails back.

Natural aging
By now you should have realized that a mature person’s skin is never the same as that of a child. This similarly applies to the nails. It is, therefore, no wonder that aging enters the list of peeling nails causes. During aging, you will notice that nails will start peeling off. In the cause of aging, a lot of moisture in the fingernails region is depleted.

This could be a cause of the breaking and peeling of the nails. Nutritional deficiencies of iron, calcium, and vitamins in the cause of aging could also cause this. Women upon hitting menopause also start experiencing peeling off of their nails. You should, therefore, consider aging as a factor when it comes to peeling nails causes.

Most of the peeling nails causes can easily be prevented. Peeled nails look sickly. Avoid the peeling of your nails by trying to prevent the likely causes. For instance, you could start with a proper diet. Ensure you wear protective gloves when handling chemicals and soapy solutions. Consult your dermatologist regularly to check out the possibility of the peeling to be a symptom of an underlying sickness.

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