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Philophobia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Philophobia STC

Philophobia: The fear of falling in love ( Fear of Love Phobia)

Philophobia stands for the phobia of love. It might seem like an unusual thing at the start but a lot of people actually suffer from it. Such a person is always fearful of developing any kind of emotional attachment or loving someone. Such people always suffer from the fear of negative outcomes of relationships. Such individuals often suppress their feelings in order to avoid any kind of bonding with others. The problem with Philophobia is that it can lead to a very isolated life where you have no people to bond with.

We would today go into the details of this phobia in order to better explain what are the symptoms as well as causes of Philophobia.

Philophobia Causes:

Generally speaking, the causes of Philophobia can be quite a few. However, we would today list today some of the most probable causes of this condition.

• Emotional Trauma:

If the individual has had any traumatic experiences relating to relationships as well as love, it is very likely that they would suffer from Philophobia. One of the most common such experience is going through a divorce or having a failed relationship in the past. In addition to that, the upbringing of the individual also plays a very important role in one’s life. If during the younger years, an individual has seen failed relationships in their close family that is among their parents, it can also be the cause of this condition. If any of the close relative or family member of the individual has gone through a very bad experience and relationships that can also Philophobia.

• Cultural causes:

In many societies as well as cultures, having a relationship with any individual before marriage is taboo. These norms are inculcated in the minds of youngsters. Sometimes, the effect of these norms is so severe that they become afraid of relationships altogether. The feeling of love would result in anxiety for these individuals. Thus, they would be fearful of getting into a relationship or emotional bonding of any kind.

• Depression:

If an individual is suffering from depression, they would be having no confidence in themselves. In such a case, they would be fearful of sharing any kind of emotional bonding with anyone else. Due to this very reason, they would be suffering from Philophobia as well. Depression kills the self-esteem which an individual has. That is why such individuals often feel fearful of communicating with someone on a personal level. Moreover, they are always vulnerable to emotional exploitation. That is why; a lot of such individuals would avoid getting into relationships and remain isolated for a longer period of time which would trigger Philophobia.

These are some of the most probable causes of Philophobia. Most of these causes can be treated if detected in time.

Philophobia symptoms:

We would now share with you some of the symptoms of this phobia so that you can detect this phobia in time.

• Increased anxiety around people:

A person who is suffering from Philophobia would suffer from extreme anxiety when they are around the person who is making advances towards them. In general as well, when they are around a lot of people like in social gatherings, they would be extremely nervous and anxious.

• Suppression of feelings:

A person who is suffering from this phobia would never be expressive about their feelings. They would be limited in their communication and would never speak to anyone about their feelings. They would not even share their feelings with their parents or people who are close to them.

• Avoiding romantic places:

A person suffering from this condition would always avoid places where couples normally go. They would avoid places like movie theatres as well as parks.

• Avoiding social gatherings:

Persons who are suffering from this phobia would also avoid any kind of social gathering where they are around a lot of people. Also, they would avoid functions and events which are related to love as well. They would avoid marriages as well as other kind of celebrations which celebrate love and bonding.

• Remaining isolated:

People who are suffering from this phobia also remain indoors a lot. This is due to the fear of meeting someone and falling in love with them.

• Physical signs:

There are a few physical problems as well which these people can suffer from. Some of these problems include shaking, sweating, nausea and even fainting. Most of these problems are related to the increased anxiety which they suffer from.

As you can see, the symptoms of this phobia are pretty distinct and easy to detect. That is why, if you or someone whom you love is suffering from Philophobia, it is time to detect the problem in time and start the treatment as soon as possible.

Philophobia treatment:

Philophobia can be treated if it is detected in time. There are a few treatments which can be undertaken in order to treat this phobia. We would go into the details of the statements below.

• Cognitive behavioral therapy:
Cognitive Behavioral therapy also known as CBT, in short, is the best treatment for Philophobia. Generally speaking, the reason why people fear from falling in love and getting into a relationship of emotional bonding is due to the fact that they imagine bad consequences of such relationships. While thinking about relationships, such thoughts, as well as images of bad consequences, are transmitted through their mind.

The behavioral therapy is able to go into the details of how these thoughts or images are created and how they are resulting in the phobia. With the help of the causes, the therapist is able to find the core reason of this phobia and change the outlook of the individual by eliminating that reason.

The therapist is able to induce a positive vibe in the individual towards relationships as well as emotional bonding. The therapist would also be able to reduce the anxiety of the individual to a certain level and make the individual more tolerant to anxiety. Thus, the negative thoughts or the fearful thoughts which were a reason for Philophobia are entirely eliminated using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

• Exposure therapy:
In exposure therapy, the individual is exposed to slowly but increasingly to romantic ideas like romantic dates or interaction with individuals of the opposite sex or to romantic literature. Thereafter, the reaction of the person to such experiences is recorded in order to slowly increase the exposure to such experiences. The person is counseled to reduce the fear and anxiety to such expressions of love. Through regular sessions, Philophobia is first reduced to a normal fear and thereafter eliminated entirely.

• Medicines:
If the cause of Philophobia is depression or anxiety attack, medicines are used in order to reduce the depression symptoms in the person and to control the anxiety attacks. Thereafter, the counseling sessions would help the person to entirely eliminate Philophobia.

As you can see, there are plenty of treatments depending on the exact cause of this phobia. That is why, if someone you know is suffering from this condition, you can detect the symptoms and start the treatment as soon as possible.

Philophobia Quiz:

Philophobia can also be detected by answering a few questions related to love. We would today present in front of you a quiz, which the individual can answer to detect whether he or she is suffering from this phobia.

1. What is the level of anxiety which you feel when you think about love and romance?

• Extreme anxiety
• High anxiety
• Somewhat anxious
• Little anxious
• No anxiety at all

2. This question is based on your instinct. According to your own opinion, how severe is your Philophobia (10 being very severe)?

• 9 to 10
• 7 to 8
• 5 to 6
• 3 to 4
• 1 to 2

3. How many symptoms of Philophobia do you suffer from?**

• All symptoms
• 5 symptoms
• 4 symptoms
• 3 symptoms
• 1 or 2 symptoms

4. What is the impact of Philophobia on your life?

• It is impacting your life drastically
• It is having a pretty heavy impact on your life
• You would be able to lead a better life without Philophobia
• It is not impacting much
• It is not impacting your life at all

5. Are you socially awkward due to Philophobia?

• Yes I’m not able to be around people
• Yes, I am only able to attend smaller family get-togethers
• I attend Family get-togethers at least half of the times
• I attend family get-togethers but do not interact with anyone
• I have no problem is attending get-togethers

After answering these 5 questions, you have to look at the options which you have chosen. If you have chosen a maximum number of 1st or 2nd options, you are definitely suffering from severe Philophobia and need to start the treatment as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if the answers are mostly from the 3rd and 4th options, you suffer from Philophobia but it is not that severe.

On the other hand, if the maximum of your answers are from the 5th that is the last option, you most likely do not suffer from this phobia.

So, Philophobia is a real condition which can be easily detected and treated if you get to know the symptoms in time. Instead of just ignoring it as being socially awkward, it is the time that you detect this phobia. Philophobia and start the treatment as soon as possible.

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