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Sea Sick Pills: Avoiding Seasickness

Sea Sick Pills

Pills to Prevent Seasickness

Sea Sick pills to Prevent Seasickness:

Seasickness is not a dangerous disease but it can be quite messy. It is also referred to as Mal de Mer.

Those who suffer from it experience symptoms like stomach cramps, vomiting, and nausea. Some sea sick pills will get rid of the symptoms.
Motion sickness arises due to the visual disorientation. This results from being in a body in motion ie. ship. The ship is usually competing against the natural inclination for the balance of our bodies. Many cruisers know how rocking and rough, seas can be.

Seasickness does not arise from rough waters only. According to scientific studies, some people become seasick by suggestion. They convince themselves that being on a ship will get them sick.

Some people can forget about it and sail quite well. But some people will not forget and they will be under immense suffering when the sea is rough. Doctors have proven that seas sickness prevails more in women and children. But, children who are 2 years old and below seem not to suffer from the sickness. Also, the elderly are less likely to suffer from the ailment.

If you suffer from sea sickness whenever you sail, undertake preventive measures. One of those measures is taking sea sick pills. It is discussed below together with other remedies.

Drug remedies for Seasickness

The most recommended treatments are Transderm Scop. It is a scopolamine patch which is applied behind your ears eight hours before sailing. It has an effectiveness of up to 72 hours. Scop is a preventive measure and not a treatment. The drug is available only via prescription. It can lead to possible side effects like blurry vision. It can also lead to dry mouth, dizziness, and drowsiness.

Over the counter sea sick pills are inclusive of Meclizine(commonly known as Bonine). They also include Dramamine, and diphenhydramine (common name Benadryl). These sea sick pills are dispensed freely on some ships. You can also get the sea sick pills in sundries shops. You should be aware that Benadryl and Bonine have drowsiness as the major side effect. Alcohol will counter the side effects.

Bonine is an antihistamine and diminishes the symptoms of natural chemical histamine.It prevents and treats vomiting, dizziness and nausea that results from motion sickness. Bonine also treats effects of vertigo that results from an infection that infects your inner ear. Vertigo is a spinning sensation or dizziness.

Bonine sea sick pills

Bonine sea sick pills

Dramamine performs the same function as Bonine. But it should not be used by a person with conditions like:-kidney or liver disease-high blood pressure or heart disease-seizures-blockage of intestines or stomach-glaucoma-bronchitis, asthma, emphysema.-overactive thyroid.-urination issues or enlarges prostate.

Dramamine Sea sick Pills

Dramamine Sea sick Pills

Benadryl has the histamine blocker called diphenhydramine. It relieves you from vomiting, dizziness, sneezing, watery eyes, running nose, and nausea. It treats motion sickness just like the above two drugs. You will encounter drowsiness.

Benadryl sea sick pills

Benadryl sea sick pills

For children, less powerful versions of Bonine and Benadryl sea sick pills can also be found. But it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before giving sea sick pills to your child.
In case you have an active prescription, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor. Do this before taking sea sick pills. Ingest the pills via mouth without food. If the tablets are chewable, chew them. Use a spoon to ingest liquid forms of the medication.

Stronger and more effective sea sick pills can only be gotten from a physician. But if you decide to buy from a ship’s doctor you will spend more due to the office visit. These sea sick pills include ephedrine and Promethazine.

These when taken simultaneously act quickly and have some side effects like sleepiness. Another alternative is suppositories. These when received from the ship’s physician, work well for some patients.

Drug-free Remedies for Seasickness

If you dislike taking sea sick pill, there are many other alternatives. Some people apply a Sea-Band wristband when they board the ship. The acupressure-inspired band is easy to wear. It has got a plastic bead pressing against the Nei-Kuan pressure point.

This pressure point is positioned on the palm side of the wrist. It takes care of vomiting and nausea with zero side effects. The wristband comes in children and adult sizes. It can also be worn by pregnant women. Sea-bands are not like sea sick pills. You don’t need a prescription to buy them at major drug stores. Wear the bands on both wrists.

Avoid buying the stretchy bands usually sold on ships. They don’t usually work. Take care you do not wear them in the wrong spot. Wear them right at the wrist where there is a bump between the tendons. You will immediately feel relief.

Some physicians encourage patients to take ginger. It alleviates nausea associated with sea sickness. The ginger root can be ingested in many ways. Some of the ways are via tea, powder, candy, and pills.

Some physicians also encourage patients to eat green apples to avoid nausea. Many ships offer crackers and green apples on their menus.

Some more Tips To Avoid Seasickness

You need to get yourself used to the life of the shipboard. Do this by spending a lot of time out on the deck. Use the horizon as the point for maintaining your equilibrium. This helps because seasickness affects the inner ear. Your ears and eyes do not agree and they send conflicting signals to the brain. Visiting the deck resets the signals.
Avoid spicy foods. Extra juices in the stomach lead to nausea. Together with this, stay away from chewing gum.

Ingest saltine crackers. Chew them into a yucchhy mess and swallow them whole. They absorb the acids in your stomach hence adjusting the acidity a little bit.
You can also book an outdoor cabin in the heart of the ship. This is the natural balance position. Your cabin should also have a window to offer you a consistent view of the horizon position. This is unless there are stormy waters or sea spume slashing on your window.

It is very advisable to undertake port intensive cruises which have fewer days on the ocean. Also stay away from itineraries where the seas are likely to be rough. These are like North Atlantic crossings or the hurricane season in the Caribbean.

Another alternative is to board a large ship. New mega-ships that weigh 100,000 tons and more use stabilizers to make the ride as smooth as possible.

People don’t react the same to the remedies for sea sickness. As you can see, there are more remedies apart from sea sick pills. The cruiser should experiment and research on the best remedy that suits him or her. Happy sailing!

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