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Herbal Treatments for Stress and Anxiety

herbal remedies for anxiety and stress

Natural treatments for stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety is specified as a sensation of impending disaster and inability to deal with the pressures of daily life. This is a common emotion that is frequently related to anxiety. There are a number of organic solutions for anxiety that one can use to counter symptoms of […]

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Types of Anxiety: major types of anxiety disorders

types of anxiety

  Types of Anxiety is simply excessive worry or exaggerated reaction to a triggering event. Although most people do not realize, there are various types of anxiety. If you feel that you are suffering from anxiety, you may like to have a brief learning about the different types of anxiety, including the lesser known ones. That […]

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How to Deal with Anxiety Attacks

How to Deal with anxiety Attacks

Are there cures for a Anxiety  attacks? Yes, there are, but first, you must understand that to cure a panic attack, you must first understand how to prevent a panic attack. The first answer you might want to know is how to Deal with Anxiety attacks?. But before you address the cure for a panic attack you […]


Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? | Read How?!

can anxiety chest pain

How Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? An anxious person is a person who fears and worries about his future. It is a very simple and normal feeling. Yet, when it is severe, you will experience serious symptoms. The symptoms are clear and noticeable, but people do not know them, do you? If you are aware […]

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Anxiety Physical Symptoms

Anxiety Physical Symptoms

  Anxiety Physical Symptoms Explained Anxiety disorder is one of the most famous psychological disorders of all time. You certainly heard about it somehow home day. This disorder causes several problems for the people who develop it. Do you know what the best solution is for it? Well, it is simply to arm your mind […]

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What is an Anxiety Attack?

what's an Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety Disorders and Anxiety Attacks In order to know what is an anxiety attack?.First,  Anxiety i s a psychological, mental and physiological emotion that is characterized by cognitive, physical and behavioral elements. Its purpose is creating an emotion of unhappiness, unpleasant, discomfort, fear, and stress. Unlike fear that is caused by visual things or threats, the […]

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What Are Natural Supplements for Anxiety?

What Are Natural Supplements for Anxiety

Is there any Common Natural Supplements for Anxiety?  In order to stay safe, and healthy, people always look for the best ways. Eating healthy, doing healthy things and activities, unless someone who doesn’t want that. They always avoid having any disorder, disease or sickness. That is why they look for the supplements that may help […]

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Symptoms of Anxiety Attack


The Symptoms of Anxiety Attack Feeling anxious is not bad. In fact, we face a lot of situations in life that may make us very anxious, and these situations may make us more careful, focused and even spur us to achieve more. However, this may not be the case for an anxiety attack. An anxiety […]

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What does Anxiety Mean?


Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment … What does Anxiety mean. This is a common question that many people ask themselves. Anxiety simply means persistent and extreme feelings of uncertainty, overwhelming fear over tense and intense situations, and feeling nervous every time. If you experience one or two unpleasant physical symptoms such as having a thumping […]

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Shortness of breath anxiety


Shortness of breath anxiety Causes Shortness of breath anxiety is a medical condition that occurs when you feel you cannot breathe properly and cannot get enough air. You may even start feeling that you are not breathing properly and normally. When caused by anxiety, shortness of breath may be due to incorrect breathing and inadequate […]

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Do I Have Anxiety?

do i have anxiety

  A) WHAT IS ANXIETY? Some people often ask themselves “do i have anxiety?” Anxiety is often defined as an unpleasant state of mind characterized by the emotional imbalances in individuals. It is accompanied by mood swings in the patients along with nervous behaviors like rumination, somatic complaints, depression and back and forth pacing. The […]