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Bipolar, MIND

Bipolar Meaning : Definition, Symptoms, Causes & signs

bipolar meaning

Bipolar Meaning,  What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar is word commonly used in different categories and different places. Structurally, it means two poles; something that has two poles. The most common fields that contain this word are psychology, physics, or neurology. So, once you want to know that is bipolar meaning or definition, you have to […]

Bipolar, MIND

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Bipolar symptoms

Bipolar Symptoms We have talked about what is bipolar disorder, and what are the symptoms of bipolar disorder in many other article. Yet, and since this disorder is really serious and one of the top affective on mental health of the patient. This disorder should be so much clear to you. That is why I […]


Bipolar Symptoms in Men

bipolar symptoms in men

Men and Bipolar Symptoms Bipolar disorder, we came again to this disorder that confused many scientist for long enough. This disorder is known with other names such as bipolar affective disorder or mania depression. In a previous article, I have talked about the symptoms of this disorder in women. Since it is not specific for […]


The Bipolar Symptoms in Women

Bipolar Symptoms in Women

Bipolar Symptoms in Women In this Article we will try  to explain Bipolar symptoms in women but first,let’s give a definition of   Bipolar disorder is a common mental disorder, also known as Manic Depression; it is characterized by moving from a period of depressions to a period of an elevated mood, which is called the […]