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How to Purge?

How to Purge??

Learning How to purge: There are many people that suffer from the bulimia nervosa and they want to know how to purge. That method helps them to get rid of the food they have consumed. so, the person eats too much, by far he does not feel like to be able to carry on. This […]


Bulimia Tips

Bulimia tips

Bulimia tips & Tricks People, who want to be bulimic, should know about the bulimia tips. The bulimia tips mean the ways and methods that people use in order to get rid of what they have eaten. It is a good method to learn how to purge, so that you avoid consuming what you do […]


How to Become Bulimic?

how to become bulimic

How to Become bulimic Fast? The bulimic nervosa is another eating disorder. It is the opposite of anorexia nervosa. If the anorexia nervosa is about avoiding food and starve, the bulimia is about to eat too much and then comes the episode of purge. The third type of the eating disorders is like bulimia but […]