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About Lung Cancer

About lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Types, Symptoms & Causes Caner as usual is among the top of the health disorders list. For that reason, we have decided to write an article about it today. This article is including what are the types, symptoms, and some of the most affecting and common causes of this kind of cancer. Most […]


Marijuana And Brain Cancer

Marijuana and Brain Cancer

Marijuana And Brain Cancer Effect Cannabis, weeds or Marijuana is a very sweet drugs that everyone around the world are attached to it. These plants are called the magic plants. Everyone loves to take it for its effects and addiction. Some people tried for the first time just for fun and now they cannot get […]


Lung cancer symptoms in women

lung cancer symptoms in women

Some Lung cancer symptoms in women Shouldn’t Ignore ! Lung cancer results when lung cells multiply abnormally. This abnormal multiplication of lung cells results in a growth of a tumor that grows dangerously and invades normal body tissues. This cancer is known to start in any part of the lungs such as the bronchus, bronchioles […]