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Know more about marijuana and brain


Marijuana and Brain: We have already written about two articles about the issue of marijuana and weeds. Those plants or herbs that make people feel high. It deserves all the argument it gained. As one of the most dangerous things that people might get addicted to it, it gained a bad reputation. Yet, lately, we […]


Can you Get Addicted to Weed?

Does Weed Cause addiction 3

Does Weed Cause addiction? Weeds, Marijuana, Cannabis, or whatever you call it is a kind of smoking. There is no big difference between weeds and cigarettes. Both are addictions and both are dangerous. The reason why I decided to write an article about this, is that a patient was in my clinic and asked me; “can […]


Marijuana And Brain Cancer

Marijuana and Brain Cancer

Marijuana And Brain Cancer Effect Cannabis, weeds or Marijuana is a very sweet drugs that everyone around the world are attached to it. These plants are called the magic plants. Everyone loves to take it for its effects and addiction. Some people tried for the first time just for fun and now they cannot get […]