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Sign of a Nervous Breakdown

sign of nervous breakdown

9 Signs of a Nervous Breakdown One of the most affective mental disorders is nervous breakdown, it is known also as ‘Mental Breakdown’. And in order to avoid them you have to know what cause it and how to defeat it according to the sign o f a nervous breakdown. There are numerous signs. But […]


Mental health definition


Mental health definition – It is defined by WHO as a state of complete mental, social and social well being. Mental health includes our emotional, social, and psychological well-being. It affects how we think, act, and feel in our daily lives. It also determines how an individual handle stress, make choices and how people relate […]


Common Mental Health disorders


The Most Common Mental Health disorders A mental disorder can also be referred to a mental illness, a psychological disorder or psychiatric disorder. The mental health disorders can be described as behavioral or mental pattern that causes either suffering or a poor ability to function in ordinary life. Mental disorders cause an abnormality in the […]