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The Cause of Migraine

migraine causes

Finally, here is the cause of Migraine Migraine is not the same as headaches. This is something you should know before we go forward. It is not absolute, but we highly believe that you had been through the pain of migraine a time or another. Wondering what the cause behind such irritating condition is has […]


Top Common Painful Conditions

Top Common Painful Conditions

Most common conditions related to Pain: Pain is a feeling that occur when we are exposed to something that harms us; either physically or mentally. That is the reason why it is one of the strongest feelings, we have. Pain is crucial sometimes; it can change the personality of others and the way they think. […]


How to stop a Migraine?

How to Stop a Migraine

How to stop a Migraine?A migraine is an intensely painful headache that often occurs in one part of the head. A migraine can occur and last for some minutes, hours or even for days. The pain caused by a migraine is as severe as that of an injury or an accident. The good news is […]