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Bipolar, MIND

Bipolar Affective Disorder Triggers and Medications

Bipolar Affective Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder Everyday, a person experiences different emotions and events, and oftentimes these things trigger the mood swings. Coping up with happy events and unpleasant ones can put you in greater threat for depressive and manic episodes. Manic depression or now called bipolar affective disorder, have millions of people suffering from this mood disorder. […]


Psychological Disorders List

Psychological Disorders List

Psychological Disorders List . In order to state the most effective psychological disorders on the health of the human being, we shall be presenting a list that includes all disorders and conditions that you need to know about them according to the DSM. That is how you would be aware of them, and you can […]


Common Mental Health disorders


The Most Common Mental Health disorders A mental disorder can also be referred to a mental illness, a psychological disorder or psychiatric disorder. The mental health disorders can be described as behavioral or mental pattern that causes either suffering or a poor ability to function in ordinary life. Mental disorders cause an abnormality in the […]

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Do I Have Anxiety?

do i have anxiety

  A) WHAT IS ANXIETY? Some people often ask themselves “do i have anxiety?” Anxiety is often defined as an unpleasant state of mind characterized by the emotional imbalances in individuals. It is accompanied by mood swings in the patients along with nervous behaviors like rumination, somatic complaints, depression and back and forth pacing. The […]