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Panic Attacks and The Brain

Panic Attacks and The Brain: What Happens In Your Mind If You Have A Panic Attack Most people are familiar with what a panic attack does and what it can do to your body. It is quite normal to feel faint, dizzy, experience shaking and trembling, begin to sweat, and feel your heart rate increase […]


Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? | Read How?!

can anxiety chest pain

How Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain? An anxious person is a person who fears and worries about his future. It is a very simple and normal feeling. Yet, when it is severe, you will experience serious symptoms. The symptoms are clear and noticeable, but people do not know them, do you? If you are aware […]

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Panic Disorder Symptoms

Panic Disorder Symptoms

What are Panic Disorder Symptoms? People suffering from panic disorder will experience feelings of terror (Panic Disorder Symptoms) which strike without warning. This is due to having continuous panic attack episodes. These episodes will in most cases increase feelings of fear, anxiety and depression. These will repeatedly occur and will strike out of the blues. […]

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Shortness of breath anxiety


Shortness of breath anxiety Causes Shortness of breath anxiety is a medical condition that occurs when you feel you cannot breathe properly and cannot get enough air. You may even start feeling that you are not breathing properly and normally. When caused by anxiety, shortness of breath may be due to incorrect breathing and inadequate […]