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Proven Heart Health Problems Signs

heart problems

10 Proven Signs of Heart Health Problems In recent years, researchers have done much work investigating symptoms which patients experienced in months and even years before a heart attack. They have confirmed that the heart, together with veins and arteries, which feed it, is a single whole, and when it starts to fail, the symptoms […]


Shortness of Breath Home Remedies


Do not forget these home remedies for Shortness of breath Trouble breathing can also be related to a variety of health issues such as lung disease, asthma, heart attack, panic attack, obesity. In case, our brain, muscles or other organs are not provided enough oxygen, we may experience a shortness of breath. Breath difficulties sometimes […]


Lung cancer symptoms in women

lung cancer symptoms in women

Some Lung cancer symptoms in women Shouldn’t Ignore ! Lung cancer results when lung cells multiply abnormally. This abnormal multiplication of lung cells results in a growth of a tumor that grows dangerously and invades normal body tissues. This cancer is known to start in any part of the lungs such as the bronchus, bronchioles […]

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Symptoms of Anxiety Attack


The Symptoms of Anxiety Attack Feeling anxious is not bad. In fact, we face a lot of situations in life that may make us very anxious, and these situations may make us more careful, focused and even spur us to achieve more. However, this may not be the case for an anxiety attack. An anxiety […]

Anxiety, MIND

Do I Have Anxiety?

do i have anxiety

  A) WHAT IS ANXIETY? Some people often ask themselves “do i have anxiety?” Anxiety is often defined as an unpleasant state of mind characterized by the emotional imbalances in individuals. It is accompanied by mood swings in the patients along with nervous behaviors like rumination, somatic complaints, depression and back and forth pacing. The […]