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Types of Anxiety: major types of anxiety disorders

types of anxiety

  Types of Anxiety is simply excessive worry or exaggerated reaction to a triggering event. Although most people do not realize, there are various types of anxiety. If you feel that you are suffering from anxiety, you may like to have a brief learning about the different types of anxiety, including the lesser known ones. That […]


Common Anxiety Disorders in Children

Anxiety in Childreen

About children’s anxiety disorders At a particular point of childhood, the child may experience the feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, and several feelings due to different reasons. The reasons might be such as changing the place, the school, teachers, nurses, doctors, new people, or anything similar. But, to reach the level of being affected by […]


Social Disorders List

Social disorders list

  The most common Social Disorders List Generally speaking; the psychological disorders are almost the same as social disorders. Yet, the psychological ones might be wider and more numerous. Because, the psychological disorders include social disorders list, self-psychology disorders, mental disorders, and sometimes emotional disorders. Today, we will live behind the psychological disorders, and we […]

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What does Anxiety Mean?


Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment … What does Anxiety mean. This is a common question that many people ask themselves. Anxiety simply means persistent and extreme feelings of uncertainty, overwhelming fear over tense and intense situations, and feeling nervous every time. If you experience one or two unpleasant physical symptoms such as having a thumping […]


Common Mental Health disorders


The Most Common Mental Health disorders A mental disorder can also be referred to a mental illness, a psychological disorder or psychiatric disorder. The mental health disorders can be described as behavioral or mental pattern that causes either suffering or a poor ability to function in ordinary life. Mental disorders cause an abnormality in the […]