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Trypophobia Cure and Treatment

Trypophobia cure

Trypophobia Cure and Treatment Trypophobia is the fear of holes. Nevertheless, it is not the fear of the huge holes but rather the fear of the clusters of holes. Most typophobic people begin to feel weird, discomfort and uncomfortable feeling on the whole body when they see tiny holes. Today, trypophobia is used to describe […]

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Trypophobia Cure Tips: without trigger images!!

Trypophobia Cure

How To Cure Trypophobia? Previously, in two other articles I have talked about the Trypophobia (Fear of holes) . This disorder caused lot of arguments around the world. People who have this disorder say that it is truly a psychological disorder. In other side, the scientists say that it is nothing but a strong emotion. […]

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Fear of Holes Phobia

Fear of Holes

Fear of Holes , Holes Phobia or Trypophobia I have already talked in anther specific article about the ‘phobia of holes’ . Today I came to make it more detailed and to talk about ‘Fear of Holes’ (phobia of holes) in general. This is how you can boost your knowledges about this irritating psychological phobia. […]