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Top 10 causes of Cancer To Avoid

Top 10 causes of Cancer list

Top 10 Cancer Causes

Top 10 Cancer Causes

Cancer is a word that is enough to spread fear and a feeling of dispossession in even the most daring of individuals. After all, many such forms of the mortal disease ends up with the patient living a life that’s worse than hell – and in the worst possible scenario: unwarranted death.

With that being kept in mind, there are some steps that could be taken so as to affirm oneself and ascertain that we don’t have to undergo that tumultuous phase in our lives that cancer – be it of any type – brings with it. This is our list of the top 10 causes of Cancer, a list that would ensure that we stay far away from the onslaught of the terminal disease.

1. Smoking
Although there has been much such advice advises given against the ills of smoking and how injurious it could be on our health, it’s just not enough to dissuade die-hard smokers from the self-destructive paths that they have undertaken.

Smoking is known to cause more than 15 different types of cancer, with the most prominent ones being that of the lung, mouth, throat, and others less known following suit.

Further, the toxic fumes released by smoking range in the hundreds and at-least 70 of them are known to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). We believe these statistics are more than sufficient for one to quit smoking; if that isn’t enough, then according to another fact: A smoker who puffs on cigars releases second-hand smoke equivalent to that of a whole packet!

2. Excessive fat – Obesity
While it’s easier to blame one’s lifestyle on the excessive pound of flesh hanging onto our bellies – it being a cause for cancer should be enough to persuade us from shedding those extra calories.

After all, the more fat that our bodies have on them, the more the cell growth gets stimulated, which in turn, leads to the proliferation of the cells ( a great way for cancer cells to seep into our bodies ).

3. Skimping on Sunscreen
While we agree with the fact that the sun is nature’s best gift to mankind – it does come with its own conspicuous ills. The most prominent amongst all the perceivable ills has to be the excessive amount of UV radiation; and thanks in part to the ever increasing human activities, the one layer to protect us all is slowly depreciating into nothingness!

This extensive onslaught of UV radiation warrants ample usage of sunscreen, which would help protect our skins from any untoward sunburns which may lead to skin cancer.

4. Turning 65
Turning 65 causes cancer? Turns out it does! According to a report released by the National Cancer Institute, people between the age of 65 and 74 are privy to contracting a carcinogenic led cancer.

What is more bizarre is the fact that sometimes diet has no implication on the onset of the disease, but yet that shouldn’t dissuade us from following a plant based diet. And yes, consuming non-vegetarian food, that too on a regular basis, could lead to a higher chance of us contracting cancer ( plus there’s the other harm in it reducing our lifespan by a good 10 years ).

5. Too much of being a couch potato
According to a study conducted by German scientists, on over 4 million people with 70,000 of them riddled with cancer, people who sit too much have a 10% chance of being stricken with colon cancer, while the chances for succumbing to endometrial cancer remains at a hefty 12%.

Hence, to avoid this possibility from gripping us, it’s recommended that we have a little bit of activity in our lives; further, every hour or so, the couch or chair should be left for a brisk walk around the room, just to clear out any “knots” present on the body.

6. Fitness*
We need to walk, and walk a lot to ensure that we don’t get stricken with the colon cancer- it’s as simple as that, quite practically! The more we walk, the lesser are the chances of contracting colon cancer ( whole 40% ); this would ensure that women don’t contract breast cancer too – after all, according to one study conducted on a large experimental base found out that women who look leisurely strolls had a 14% lesser chance of contracting cancer.

7. Food habits 
There are many foods that are related to the ever increasing contraction of cancer amongst the populace – especially ones that are very easily available and aren’t too expensive to procure.

Food items like processed foods, coffee, charred meat, farmed salmon etc. are known to heighten the risk of us getting stricken down by cancer throughout any phase of our lives. This calls for the need to start shunning all these unhealthy and carcinogenic food items.

8. Sleeping with the TV on
It may sound bizarre, but according to a report conducted by a reputable institute, sleeping with our TV sets on leads us to be prone to an unethical amount of radiation emitted by our TV sets. This furthers the risk of cancer and ensures that for no fault of ours, except for having kept the TV on before sleeping, we become a victim!

9. Drinking
We should stop at that one or two recommended cocktails, and nothing more! After all, as per the alcohol consumption guidelines released by the federal government, anything more and we are directly putting ourselves at risk. This risk involves having to face varied forms of cancer like that of the head, neck, liver, esophagus etc.

10. Grilling food
Grilling our food at very high temperatures leads them to develop HCAs ( Heterocyclic amines ) and PCAs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ), both of which are carcinogenic and could lead to us going down with cancer. Many doctors recommend completely stopping or minimizing our daily intake of red meats to a limit that doesn’t do us much harm and could be processed by our bodies in equal measure.

This sums up our Top 10 causes of Cancer list; as could be fathomed from the list, there are many habits in our modern times that may lead to cancer, and as such, an utmost form of vigilantism is the need of the hour.

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