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Ways that Destroy your Pearls (Teeth)

A smile is one thing that expresses who we are, what we are, what we feel, and a lot of our hidden emotions. A bright smile is what brings happiness to the life of many. Who, among us, doesn’t dream to have one smile of Cameron Diaz or Angelina Jolie? One important beauty character is to have such a bright smile, with spectacular brilliant teeth that look like white pearls. bright-smile

However, keeping beautiful look on your teeth is not something easy, but requires a lot of attention and habitual things that you have to do every single day. In this article, we shall deal with some of the most common things that may ruin those pearls and make you lose your attractive smile.

Yet, either you have bad or good ones, the brightness matters only if they are white. Here are the top most common habits and things you do, which completely ruin those white diamonds!

  • Starting with young times; baby bottles:

Some people may say that the baby still have no teeth yet, or have small one, so the bottle will make no effect. But, in fact, it affects the teeth a lot. Especially, if it is left for a whole night. It doesn’t matter the bottle of what; milk, juice, or anything.

The bottle will affect the coming teeth in troubles. In the early days, it might seem okay, but the baby may habituate the bottle and wouldn’t feel like to sleep if he/ she doesn’t have the bottle in mouth in bedtime. That’s why you have to try avoiding your baby from getting used to it. Make him/ her sleep without anything in mouth. That would be better for the milky teeth.

  • Candies, gums, and gummy sweets are not your friends!

Who doesn’t like those sweet delicious candies and gummy candies we used to it in childhood? Many people still love eating them. In fact, all sugar products may cause your teeth the decay. Yet, such candies and sweets may be just too much. The gummy ones stay in your teeth more and stick to your teeth longer. This let sugar plays in your teeth causing you damages.

Day by day you will have bad decay. If you feel like you kind of addicted to such candies and you cannot get rid of them, then make sure you make them a part of your meal instead of eating them like snacks. When you are eating your meal, the glands in your mouth produces too much extra saliva, which will help you to get rid of the stuck rest of gummy candies.

  • Drinking Soda and sugary drinks:

It is not only about candies, but most of sugar products, such as soda and other things. You may not realize this, but soda contain more sugar that you have ever thought. Drinking a very sweet cup of tea? That’s so sugary? You are wrong, the same cup of soda, contains more than the double of sugar you have in your tea.

Besides, Soda does not contain only sugar that causes you damages to the teeth, but also acids, such as phosphoric acid. You have to consider lowering the amount of soda you drink. In fact, if you can, it would be better if you stop drinking such sugary products; they have not good in your health, and even if they do; their disadvantages are way more than their advantages.

We may include other sugary drinks, such as sport drinks that you find around the gym and markets. We do not deny the benefit of sport drink after you exercise; it will refresh your mood quickly. But, here we go back to comparing the disadvantages and advantages: such drinks are high in sugar as well.

Instead of having such drinks that destroy one part (your teeth) while you are trying to fix the other, try refreshing water, lemon juice water, and other drinks that you may find in our website, which will definitely be better than those produced drinks.

  • Drinking fruit juices may affect your teeth as well:

Some may say that eating an orange and drinking natural orange juice are the same and they have the same benefits. But, in fact, that is not quite true there is a big difference between orange juice and orange as a fruit. Fruit juices are not that healthy as much as the fruits themselves are. We all know that fruit juices contain so many kinds of good ingredients and nutrients, such as vitamins, carbs, and antioxidants.

But, they are also known for having too much of isolated amounts of sugar. Here we came back to the enemy of your beautiful hails; sugar. Therefore, if you want to drink a fruit juice, then make sure you add some water to the juice to reduce the level of sugar, or try to remove added sugar and drink it naturally.

  • Chewing habits:

We all see people (or ourselves) doing that chewing on a pen or pencils during a class or thinking in a job affair. Well, this is obviously not good for your teeth. We all know that people who do that usually do it for the sake of concentration, but your teeth are not additional to sacrifice them; so find another way to concentrate and leave your teeth in peace.

For example, if you cannot concentrate without chewing, then try the sugarless gums. Besides, chewing on such gums would make your mouth have higher level of saliva, which helps your teeth become stronger.

Another habit that many people do is chewing on ice. You may say; okay, this one does not contain teeth enemy (sugar), so why is it in the list? Well, it might be sugarless, but it is still harmful: it might cause your teeth weaken. Eating something so cold and the other so hot will ruin your teeth for sure. Ice is not good for your teeth, and you will find out that if you keep chewing on it for a while: your teeth will start aching.


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