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What Causes Bladder Infections?

What Causes Bladder Infections?

What Causes Bladder Infections?

Bladder infections Causes:

I have written few articles about the urinary tract infection and the urine infection. Now, we shall be moving to a more specific infection and it is about the bladder infections. The bladder is a very important organ in the urinary system and it has many important roles in keeping the urine till the time to urinate comes. It also helps in cleansing the urine. Yet, it is threatened to have several infections. Those infections might cause a serious disorder in its function.

So, what is the best way to help to prevent this trouble? It is simply through knowing what cause bladder infections and stop it. that is why I have specified this article to talk about this topic. Take this chance to be aware of what causes bladder infections through this article.

The infections that affect the bladder are also named with another term and it is; cystitis. This is only one type of the urinary tract infection and it is considered the most common one of all its types. In most of the cases, it affects the women. There are two kinds of the infections of the bladder, The two kinds are; complicated infection and simple infection of the bladder. Yet, we shall know what causes bladder infections, either it is simple of complicated for more understanding and more awareness.

Cystitis in men is very rare, because of the health of them or other reasons. If there is any case of the infection in the men, it is usually the complicated infection of the bladder. In other hands, the simple infection of the bladder is usually related to the women and their normal urinary system.

Now, let us move to the main topic we mean to talk about today, and is what causes bladder infections?

Firstly for the rare cases, what causes bladder infections of the complicated infection:

This kind of the infection is usually related to the people with the abnormal urinary system. And they are called the complicated because they are very hard to be treated. In the cases of the men infection, it is considered complicated. Why? Because the urine system of the men are supposed to be very long, and they can prevent the bacteria from affecting it. The infection is caused because of the long staying urine in the bladder or the obstructing urine.

This environment lets the bacteria multiply in the bladder and cause the infection. The reason why the body might keep the urine in the bladder is because of a nervous cause, such as injuries, diseases, or anything similar. Another reason for the infection among the men is the prostate enlargement, which is usually affecting the men over 50 years old.

Secondly, for the very common cases, what causes bladder infections of the simple infection:

The infection is as simple as the name of this kind. It happens usually when the bacteria are transmitted into the bladder. The simple urinary system of the women makes them more appropriate and likely to develop the infection, unlike men. The simple urine system of the women can be noticed to be simple, just when you notice that the rectum is very close to the urethra. We know that the rectum is a very rich of the bacteria, that is why they migrate easily toward the urethra, and then to the bladder causing the infection.What Causes Bladder Infections?

When a woman has sex, she increases the risk of developing the bladder infections. The sexual intercourse causes this urethra to get closer to the bladder and so on causing the infection. That is a very simple answer to the question of what causes bladder infections. The very simple and normal thing we do such as wiping the urine with moving the toilet tissue from the back to the front causes the infection. It helps to transport the bacteria from the urethra to the bladder. That is why women are always recommended to wipe from the opposite direction; from the front to the back.

Anyways, let us move to talk about the general infections. Let’s talk about what causes bladder infections in general. Those causes you should take them into consideration always and remember them. That is how  you can be very aware of the problem and avoiding it from the very beginning. To prevent an infection is to prevent its causes. Here are the causes well explained and understood to help you recognize them and avoid them.

What causes bladder infections generally?

As we already mentioned, the bacteria that are kept in the bowel or over the skin are the causes of the bladder infections. The infection is caused because of the migration of bacteria from those areas into the bladder through that tube (urethra), which is responsible for carrying the urine out of the body. That is, as we said before, in women cases.

What Causes Bladder Infections 2


The bacteria can be the main reason and cause that create the infection. But, there are other ways and methods which are considered among what causes bladder infections.

Here are those causes or factors:

–    When a woman increases her sexual inter-courses (having sex many times)

–    As we already mentioned, the wiping from the back side toward the front either using toilet tissue or anything else after you go to the toilet

–    The people who have problems with draining their ladder, they use the urinary catheter, which lets the way open to bacteria to infect the bladder

–    Some women who take the vaginal diaphragm to prevent pregnancy (for the contraception).

However, the most important thing to know is that the infection of the men is lesser than women’s. that is why women are recommended to pay more attention. That does not mean that men should feel better for their case, but they should also help their women and also to pay more attention to their cases. The worst thing might happen for any condition not only this one, is to be unaware of it and its causes. That is why we are here to tell you what causes bladder infections and help you prevent and avoid it from the beginning.

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