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BODY Hepatitis

What is Viral Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G?

 Viral Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G?

After talking about the health disorders list and mentioning the hepatitis, I decided to talk about this disease now more specifically. This disease is a very common one and honorable to be mentioned in our list today. If you do not know what is viral hepatitis, I recommend you to follow me through the article and you shall know all about it. this article will be divided into different parts, the first one will be about the introduction and what is viral hepatitis generally, the second will be about the types of the hepatitis. The most common types of hepatitis are A, B, C, D, E, and type G.

What is Viral Hepatitis

What is Viral Hepatitis?

First, what is Viral Hepatitis and what does it mean?

When a person develops an inflammation or a swelling in the liver, we say that he got the hepatitis. That is the meaning of a viral hepatitis. The causes, in general, can be cited into the alcohol effects or the viral infections. Since we are talking about what is viral hepatitis we will just talk about the viral, without forgetting to mention the alcohol consequence.

There are some cases, where people who develop some kinds of the hepatitis do not have permanent infections of damages to the liver.

In other side, there are some cases where the infections if permanent and last for very long time. It causes the cirrhosis. This chronic infection might cause the most severe effect, which is the loss of the dysfunction of the liver and the liver cancer as well. Those ones are called the chronic hepatitis.

Before mentioning the types of what is viral hepatitis, we shall be talking about general symptoms of the general hepatitis.

So, what is a Viral Hepatitis symptom?

When the infection gets started, it gives some symptoms that are so much similar to the flu case, and they are:

  • Having several pains in the joins and also in the muscles of the body
  • Having a very high temperature, such as having a fever
  • Becoming sick, and of course feeling ill and sick
  • Several headaches and migraines

Now, if you are having the chronic and long-lasting hepatitis, the symptoms shall be in the form of:

  • Feeling depressed
  • Getting the jaundice
  • To feel tired and fatigue in every moment
  • You generally feel that you are sick or unwell

Yet, there are so many cases where the hepatitis does not show any kind of the symptoms. That is why when people have the viral hepatitis (caused by a virus), they do not know about it. the same thing for the hepatitis caused by alcohol, since we find that there are many people or alcoholics who are not aware of their case and their liver infections.

That is why; everyone should have some tests done sometimes, in order to stay healthy and aware of any infection. Especially, the people who drink too much must be aware of this situation and consult their doctor. The cancer is not something to underestimate it.

Now let us talk about the types of the hepatitis, and we well go through them according to the alphabetic order.

The Types of Hepatitis:

What is Viral Hepatitis A?

The hepatitis A is an infection in the liver caused mostly by a specific virus, called the HAV (Hepatitis A Virus). This type is the most widespread and common over the whole world. It is a virus that can transmit from a body to another through different ways and methods. It can transport from a person to another through physical touch and though the foods or drinks that are shared between people. This infection does not have the ability to be chronic and long lasting.

We already said that there are many cases where the symptoms of the hepatitis appear and other cases where they cannot be noticed. The statistic shows that there are over 80 percent of the adults who got the infection have symptoms, while the rest does not have those symptoms. For children, it was found that the majority of the cases do not have any kind of symptoms or signs of the infection.

We have our protection of course in our bodies, and this is what we call it the immunity. So, this immunity does produce the antibodies that defeat this disease or infection. Those antibodies stay in the blood aware of the disease for a lifetime. Since the symptoms cannot be noticed in all the cases, the best way to avoid it or to prevent it is through the vaccination.

What is Viral Hepatitis B?

The same thing as the hepatitis A, the virus that causes this infection is called the HBV (Hepatitis B Virus). The way that this virus takes to migrate from a body to another, is through the liquid of the infected body that goes into the second’s body. The liquids that can be carrying the virus are such as saliva, sperm, blood, or any other kinds. The things that can help transmit the virus are such as sexual intercourse, exchanging the needles, injections (for drugs), or even the scissors.

There are cases where the hepatitis B is chronic and long lasting, while other cases have acute and short-term infection. It was found that about 90 percent of the infected children and kids became infected for long-term infection (chronical infection). In the other side, the adults have similar situation only in 2 to 6 percent of the infected ones. The same thing as hepatitis A, this one also can cause liver cancer, and it can be prevented through the vaccination.

What is Viral Hepatitis C?

Just like the previous types, a special virus called HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) causes this one. The same thing like the hepatitis B, this one is transmitted to others through the things used to inject the body, or the things that has relation with the blood. About 70 to 85 percent of the infected people with hepatitis C have long-term infections, while the rest have short-term infections. This kind of hepatitis is serious and dangerous, even sometimes it might lead to death.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccination for this type of the infection. Therefore, the best way to prevent it is through avoiding what can cause the infection such as injuring injections.

What is Viral Hepatitis D?

The same thing for this infection, it is caused by a special virus called HDV (Hepatitis D Virus). There is another term used to name this hepatitis; it is Delta Hepatitis. Fortunately, this infection is not common in the US. The people who have the hepatitis B are the ones who might develop the hepatitis D. it is both chronic and acute infection. There is no vaccination against the hepatitis D, but you can prevent it by having the vaccination of hepatitis B. That is how you prevent the hepatitis B, which is the cause of hepatitis D.

What is Viral Hepatitis E?

The same thing as the rest of the types of hepatitis, this one has a virus that causes it, called the HEV (Hepatitis E Virus). This one does not have any kind of the chronical infecting. This type of hepatitis is very common in the world, unlike in US. This infection is transmitted by the ingestion. In addition, it is caused due to the pour quality of water (polluted water) in so many countries. The FDA did not yet approve any kind of the vaccinations against this hepatitis.

What is Viral Hepatitis G?

This infection does not cause any kind of disease to the human body. In other part, the infection of this virus can help to fight the VIH infection. There are many reports that show that this virus helps the patients with VIH to have better result.

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